Personalised baby gifts for kids – make them unique

Personalised baby gifts for kids - make them unique

If you want to buy a gift for a baby that will be unique, look for a personal gift. Whatever the value of your item, if it Personalised, your gift will be valuable and cherished for many years to come. Personalizing your gift makes it extra special. This means that you have put a lot of effort and thought into the gift of your choice for the new arrival.

There are many online stores that offer a complete host of choices for Personalised baby gifts. Everything from nursery furniture to Personalised pendulum clocks. Money boxes, baby casting kits, photo products, height charts, baby name frames, and much more. There are many choices available, probably many, that will probably only confuse you.

Before you begin your search, remember a budget for your gift. Do you want something practical and long-lasting such as a children’s wall clock or a height chart? Or do you want something that will be just a gift for the baby, such as a Personalised name poem or a Personalised name frame? Do you want something that children will eventually learn from Personalised jigsaws? Do you know the color scheme of the nursery? If so, you may find something that will blend in with the scheme or complement it.

Buying clothes as a gift for children

If you like to buy baby clothes – these are always welcome and can be Personalised if you want If you bought them from a particular store without selling them as Personalised, you can take a purchased item to one of the many photo print shops where a name may printe or embroidered on a garment item, sometimes while you wait.

I never buy first size clothes as a gift because babies grow up so fast and most parents buy first size clothes before the baby is born. There are lots of places to buy baby clothes but before giving them as gifts make sure they are safe, no tape or ribbon hanging or ready to drop buttons, etc.

Going organic

Organic cotton baby clothes are becoming more popular nowadays and can be bought as gifts. Organic cotton is cultivated using methods and materials that have less impact on the environment. One of the advantages of organic cotton baby clothes is the softness. Quality and this is one of the reasons why people choose them for their baby’s sensitive skin. In addition to clothes, you can buy blankets, pillows, towels, or bibs – these can be Personalised to make them extra special and eye-catching.


Finding a good fit gift for newborns can be quite difficult. As you grow older, this may become easier because you have more options open to you. When they are born new you want something that is valuable and can be kept as a gift. Even more practical gifts can be used then put away as a souvenir for the baby. I regularly take out my son’s Kipsack box to see it. It brings back such wonderful memories. Remember, you are creating it when you buy thoughtful Personalised gifts.

More ideas for personalising your baby gift

If you are buying gifts for twins or three children, buying Personalised gifts would be ideal. They may have their own personal gifts such as watches, height charts, jigsaws, etc. The names printed on their clothes will also make it especially easy for other people to identify them.

Another great idea to personalize your baby gift is to take baby handprints or baby footprints and frame them or make a sculpture with an engraved plaque. It will be an amazing memory for parents. You can buy a kit that will enable you to do it for yourself or alternatively there are companies that can do it for you. Again, check it out on the internet or on your local Yellow Pages. This will make it a more sensitive way to present your gift to a small child.

Whether you are buying your gift for your own baby, a niece or nephew, or a grandson, I hope we have given you lots of ideas to help you find the perfect Personalised baby gift. Personalising your gift makes it unique and very special.

Personalised photo gift for baby

Photo gifts make the perfect gift for any recipient. For any event and with such a wide range available it should prove to be very easy to find the right item. Often, the most difficult decision may be to use exactly which picture; Fortunately, there is a solution to that problem – photo montage. You can create your own photo montage using software like Microsoft Publisher or a professional design team to make sure you get the best results.

Photo box

Photo boxes make excellent storage boxes that can use to hold valuables that all new parents hold. A selection of sizes makes it great for a baby’s room, too, to hold their changing accessories and other items that inevitably collected over time. Personalize a photo box with your own design or photograph of your choice to create a beautiful looking knapsack box that will become a memento of the event in its own right.

Canvas print

A canvas print can Personalised to include a favorite photograph. Thanks to the advancement of digital technology it is usually only a matter of minutes before you get a picture of your newborn son or daughter and you will continue to collect a huge collection especially during the first few months. A photo montage lets you make the most of many of these images. Then you can print this montage on a photo canvas.


Photomontage can be added to virtually any photo gift or Personalised photo item, not just in a canvas print. Photo blankets and even photo roller blinds are particularly good examples of items that can really benefit from using image montages.

Personalised baby sleeping bag

A baby sleeping bag can Personalised to include your new baby’s name and date of birth. You can add a photo, text, and a caption on each side of the double fleece sleeping bag which makes it a beautiful. Safe and comfortable newborn baby gift.

Photobooks and photo albums

As we have said, you will undoubtedly collect a huge collection of photographs and photographs of the new arrival and you will no doubt want to find a way to save. Share these happy memories in any way other than sticking them on your computer’s hard drive. Just forget about them until you need space. Photobooks and photo albums can Personalised with an image. Text on the front cover and filled with baby photos to keep them looking beautiful.

Photo block

Instead of framing a photo and covering it with glass. You can print a photo directly on a high-quality photo block. The self-standing unit has a glossy finish so it has all the applications of a framed print but it is light enough, safer, and more convenient. It is so light that it can sent to the post as a perfect new baby gift for grandparents.

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