Pharm-D Scope in Pakistan

Pharm-D Scope in Pakistan

About Pharm-D

Pharm-D is a five years program that comprises 10 semesters. Every semester is sixteen weeks long. In this degree, students are given thorough training in theoretical and practical knowledge about every aspect of Pharmacy. The syllabus of Pharm-D is designed in the light of HEC and the council of Pharmacy, Pakistan.

D-Pharmacy scope in Pakistan is gradually increasing. Every pharmacist should have a professional degree, that can do good to a lot more people and customers along with the pharmacist himself. After the Pharm-D degree, the candidate spends six months doing an internship for a good job. It paves the way for a good and reasonable salary.

Career after Pharm-D

The scope of Pharm-D in Pakistan is very vast and can be judged by the great number of job opportunities available for candidates in the private and governmental sectors. Many universities provide degrees of both graduate and master’s levels for Pharm-D in Pakistan. About 21 universities are registered at the Pharmacy council of Pakistan.

In the government sector, students can opt for careers in universities and colleges as lecturers, work in the Pakistan pharmacist association, and as drug inspectors. Also, there are drug testing laboratories and government hospitals to work at.

In the private sector, students can opt for careers in public and private hospitals. There are pharmaceutical companies, health care, retail pharmacies, WHO, Research institutes, and distribution setups as other options.

Admission requirement for Pharm-D

The individual who wants to become a doctor of pharmacy should keep the eligibility criteria in mind. The first thing is age. The candidate must not be over the age of 25 when he is applying for admission. He must have appeared in intermediate with FSC. His majors in FSC are supposed to be Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

He must have cleared FSC with at least 60 percent marks. The marks lower than 60% make you ineligible for the program. A-Levels aggregate should also be 60% marks.

Pharm-D salaries in Pakistan

The scope of Pharm-D is getting higher and higher and the salaries in the field of Pharm-D can vary from company to company. The salaries in the private sector are very different from the government sector. From the range of the salary, it will be easier for you to manifest how much pharmacists earn in Pakistan. The salaries also depend greatly on the qualification. Freshies usually earn 25k a month. In the governmental sector, the range of salaries is between 50k-90k. Whereas in the private sector pharmacists earn up to 150k a month, the range in the private sector lies between 30k-150k.

What to do after Pharm-D degree?

Students who have completed their Pharm-D degree can choose to go for higher studies if they don’t want to start working immediately. There are many universities that offer higher education in Pharm-D like Masters of pharmacy or doctorate.

Doctorate and post-doctoral courses that a student can opt for after pharm-D graduation are pharmaceutics, pharmacology, Ph.D. in pharmaceutical science, etc. For masters, there are many options like pharmaceutical chemistry, clinical pharmacy, quality assurance, pharmaceutical analysis, etc.

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Pharm-D scope at a glance

There are many opportunities after the Pharm-D degree. It can provide many ways for you to build a handsome career. It widely depends on your own skills to select a field you are fit for and work efficiently. Some choose to work in pharmacies while others work to prepare medicines. Many pharmacists also work as consultants.

The growing technology is also a factor in the growing demand for Pharm-D and is giving Pharm-d scope a glow. Hundreds of organizations are opening vacancies for Pharm-D experts and graduates. Besides this, students also opt for teaching in the same field, as teachers and professors and are earning a handsome amount of money.

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