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No . No. PNG Full Form– Portable Network Graphics .Friends, have you ever heard the word PNG? Or do you know what PNG is? What is the full form of PNG? Are you also looking for PNG Full Form on the internet? If yes then today through this article I am going to tell you what is PNG? What is the full form of PNG?

What is Png ?

So friends, let us tell you that the full form of PNG is Portable Network Graphics.

PNG Full Form- Portable Network Graphics

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) is a file of digital images such as JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP or RAW, etc. These files have the protocol “.png”.

The Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image format is creat to improve upon its previous image format, GIF.

A Portable Network Graphics (PNG) document looks like one, with no copyright limitation

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) GIF  create as an open format for image creativity, because the patent for GIF was held by one company and no one wanted a licence to use it.

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image formats are also equipped with lossless compression techniques such as the GIF image format which means that compressing an image in a GIF image format such as the PNG image format will reduce the image size but not the quality of that image. No . No . No . No .  It will happen, I will go, I don’t mind.

Also, like the GIF image representation, the Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image representation also has transparency. That is, when we save an image in JPEG image, its interest  also saved along with the same image, that is, in JPEG image format, the image  save with reflective.

But after saving the image in GIF and PNG image, that image not reflected

This is called Transcript Image Format. This type of image format often used to design logos so that the approach with the logo is not saved. On the other hand, JPEG image format is used in special banners, and it is used in different types of images.

Also, a Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image file is much better than a GIF image file. And the size of the JPEG file is also large. Portable network graphics also have gamma storage. That is, it will appear differently to you in different software.

History of Png 

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image rendering develop as early as 1995 because GIF image optimization only has 256 colours and the patent for GIF image rendering own by a single company and allowed anyone to use it. Used to give Used to work on licence certificates.

This limitation of GIF results in a PNG image. The advantage of Portable Network Graphics (PNG) is that it provides low-resolution images that are nice and lightweight which results in faster loading times.

You might also consider using the PNG format instead of JPEG when you’re working with an image that will require frequent editing. For example, since JPEG latency calls a generational loss, repeated editing and saving of a file will degrade image quality over time. But this does not happen with PNG because Lossless Compress use in it.

Special Things

Here are some special things about png.

  • The PNG image format introdu to computers in 1994, following the development of the JPEG and GIF image formats. For this reason, many features of both these techniques foun in PNG Image Format.
  • Like PNG images, images also use lossless compression techniques like GIF.
  • Along with this, PNG Images Format supports 24-bit colour just like JPG.
  • However, PNG was primarily developed as an alternative to GIF because the GIF format requires a licence to use.
  • PNG images copyrighted (transparent). That’s why it mostly used only in background places, so that their background not hidden. Rather, most of the Icons are in PNG Format and their size is also smaller than other Image Formats.
  • As with the colour representation in PNG Lightweight, the transparency level can also changed.
  • It is a tool that makes image interlacing easy and fast.
  • The brightness of the colour of the image in PNG format can easily increase or decreased with the help of gamma correction.
  • PNG images can also  save in true colour or grayscale format
  • However, PNG images cannot animate like GIF images. Rather it renders a separate.MNG image for the animation.
  • PNG images do not provide CMYK colour support

Advantages of (PNG) image format

Here are some advantages of Portable Network Graphics.

  • Lossless Compression: The PNG file format provides minimal compression loss, and image quality is not changed at any compression ratio.
  • Perfect for editing images: The PNG image format is perfect for editing an image and storing intermediate versions of an image, as the image remains complete even when re-saved.
  • Supports a Large Number of Colors: The PNG image format provides support for a variety of colours. For example, PNG-8 (256 colours) and PNG-24 (about 16.7 million colours)
  • Support for Transparency: It works on different options of transparency. A PNG image has 256 options for opacity, ranging from completely opaque to completely transparent.
  • It is much easier to work with layers in PNG format.
  • Sharp edges and solid colours – ideal for taking pictures with text, line art and graphics.

Disadvantages of (PNG) Image Illustration

Here are some disadvantages of Png

  • Large File Size – Large Size – Commissions a digital image at large file size.
  • Professional – Not ideal for quality print graphics – Does not support non-RGB colour spectrum such as CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black).
  • Does not support the deactivation of the EXIF metadata used by most digital technology.
  • मूल रूप से एनिमेशन का समर्थन नहीं करता है, लेकिन .MNG के लिए अनौपचारिक तरीके उपलब्ध हैं।


Today’s article was about PNG in full form, we have tried our best to give you the correct information about it. I hope you have liked the full form of this PNG.

FAQ about PNG Full Form

  • What is the full form of PNG?

          Portable Network Graphics (PNG) is a file of digital images such as JPEG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, BMP or RAW, etc. These files have the protocol “.png”.

  • Where is the PNG image format use?

           The PNG image format is a particularly popular image format in web design because it can support transcript or semi-transcript graphics.

  •      Why the PNG image format developed?

                Portable Network Graphics (PNG) images develop in retrospect in 1995 because the patent for GIF image optimization was held by the same company and its users had to start subscribing licences.

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