Powerball: 5 Easy Tips to Win Powerball Now!

powerball tips and secrets

Were you disappointed to miss out on the $500 million Powerball jackpot? Did you spend more than $10 to not even come close to any of the chosen numbers?

Sorry to bring back disappointing memories but I have good news for you. If you’re willing to change what you’ve been doing to win 파워볼사이트 and follow these five simple tips, your chances of success will increase by 200%.

Yeah, right I’ve heard it before! I know this may be your first reaction, but I ask you what if one of the tips in this article would put you in your pocket for over $100,000? Will it be worth it to finish reading?

I thought it might be; And now that I have your attention let’s cut right to the chase and get to the tips.

Tip #1:

Never play Power Ball if the jackpot is more than 50 million.

What? I know this sounds crazy but bear with me and let me explain. It is already difficult enough to win the game when the prize purse is below 50 million, it is virtually impossible to win when it is above 50 million.

After 50 million every person in the world thinks they have a shot, together ruining their chances of winning. You are not new to this game you play it consistently so why are you going to compete with amateurs who don’t?

Tip #2:

Don’t play just one set of numbers.

I know you have a lucky set of numbers that you believe will one day win you all the prize money and put you on the easy road. Sorry to ruin that dream but one set of lucky numbers won’t cut it you need several sets.

Actually, you will need many more you will need at least 5 sets of numbers.

Trust me on this most of the winners didn’t use the same set they bought several tickets using multiple combinations. You need to follow suit with the winners and do just that.

Tip #3

Always use an easy pick with your number choices.

No this is not a misprint and you are reading correctly. Simple computer-generated choices can make the difference that your friend is a close friend. The difference I’m talking about is getting nothing from getting nothing.

Many season players don’t use this tip enough or simply don’t use the simple pick at all causing them to consistently win nothing. Don’t be one of them by using easy pick apart from your number choice. Your financial success depends on it.

Tip #4

Get a partner or partners to play with.

I know it’s a tough one because people can be trusting. But this tip is important because of the leverage of numbers and the leverage of seed capital. Let me explain, your resources are limited to what you can afford and what you think is the best number choice.

Why It’s Ideal If you have unlimited disposable money, the reality is you don’t.

But if you have a partner or partners you can use their money with you and their 파워볼 number choice with you.

There is strength in numbers and there are countless stories of people who have had this path. So why is it not as good as your story?

Tip #5

Invest in your Power Ball education.

What? Don’t stop reading yet This is the most important of all the tips. In fact, if you do all the other tips and don’t do this you could be costing yourself millions.

Millions indeed! Yes, the world is full of millions of people who randomly waste their money hoping for a chance to win.

But, the real winners are those who are educated on how to win and how to play. Calculate the cost. How much money did you lose compared to your winnings? I bet if you’re honest with yourself, the answer is probably disappointing.

I’m not trying to be harsh here but to tell you the truth. Education is the key my friend and without it, you are an amateur or worse yet a slacker.

You have been playing this game too long to be considered an amateur or a loser so take the time and get educated.

Now please pay attention because it’s important: these 5 tips will put you in the winner’s circle if you take action. But I always believe in having an ace in the hole so here’s a bonus for you. Read more


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