Private labeling and packaging of marijuana

Private labeling and packaging of marijuana

The evolution of marijuana packaging

How it evolved

Marijuana packaging has always evolved to meet the standards of contemporary design aesthetics, but now a change is mandated by law for safety. This number exceeds the projected estimate of beer sales in 2019. However, the hurdle for dispensaries and product manufacturers is that they must now ensure that all their items meet the legal packaging requirements that came with legalization.

Some of the new laws are straightforward, but others are more complex and require businesses to revamp their strategies to ensure compliance. Legalization in California began on January 1, 2018, and businesses were given 6 months to get their items in order; therefore, as of July 1st, if your California dispensary or marijuana business that sells products in California does not comply with the new regulations, they are now breaking the law.

Ambulance requirements

Most dispensaries are aware of the new laws that require products to be placed in a tamper-proof bag, but some are unaware that there are also new packaging rules for other items such as pre-rolls, edibles, and pop wrappers. A complete list of requirements can be found on the California Department of Public Health website here.

Dispensaries who fail to comply with these new laws could face fines or the revocation of their business license. These consequences are dire for dispensaries and frustrating for customers who have become addicted to their favorite stores. The best way to ensure that your business is not hampered by sanctions or shut down entirely is to learn about these new rules and ensure that your packaging meets the new standards as soon as possible.

Child-resistant marijuana packaging

According to CDPH, not only are there new laws that require dispensaries to use tamper-resistant exit bags to contain all products purchased but there are also new laws that prohibit any marijuana packaging from being child-appealing and only generic. food names may be used as ingredient descriptions. These regulations are well-intentioned. But they make the step toward compliance more difficult than just printing new labels on packages.

Marking and direct printing

Deciding on labels and packaging can sometimes be a difficult task to navigate. Especially when time is limited. A lot of time can be wasted looking for the right marijuana packaging and labels. Only to find that it doesn’t exist as they should.

Biohazard has anticipated future needs for new labels to comply with the law. As well as new specific labeling for businesses that need to reorganize their labeling and packaging strategies. Not only do we have RX tags compliant with California. But we also have RX tags available for Colorado and Washington.

We know that while a business can comply with the new RX labeling and child-resistant bag and container laws. They may also have to comply with new marijuana packaging and labels that make their products less desirable to children.

Fortunately, Biohazard also specializes in custom marijuana packaging and printing! This is especially beneficial for businesses that need to revamp the look of their products to comply with new laws. As we can quickly provide quality packaging even with low minimum orders.

A huge advantage of our custom print program is that businesses can choose to have their design printed on the label or printed directly on the packaging. We can easily modify the new packages to look exactly as required. Along with the new safety regulations. So you don’t have to worry about fines or license revocation.

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