Are you one of the 29% of business owners who started their businesses to be their own boss but now are cruising the internet with a storm of HOW TO Questions in your mind?

Starting a business throws a person into the deep need of quickly establishing themselves within the community. How to build the power of your brand to previously unattained heights? Do you attract new customers? How can you inaugurate yourself within your community to achieve your financial goals?

Well, you don’t need to overwhelm because we have got the perfect solution for you! Guess What? Indeed, networking through QR code business cards is a powerful tool for getting yourself popularly acknowledged. And that, too, quickly!

Why Enhance Your Networking Efforts Through QR Code Business Cards?

Networking by a business card QR code is very significant as it digitally connects you with other professional business owners and brands by opening up your brand to potentially unseen opportunities. And we all know that every new opportunity brings with it new prospects.

QR code business cards are versatile and therefore have excellent usability, which is in contrast to traditional standard cards that immediately get lost or get thrown away into the trash. Moreover, these QR code business cards can be shared with other businesses through email, WhatsApp, and social media platforms, keeping your brand identity consistent across all channels and platforms. It directly takes clients to your website and portfolio with just a click.

Benefits Of Networking By Using A QR Code for Business Cards

Networking not only broadens your reach but also helps you to be a successful entrepreneur. Here are six benefits of networking (there are practically many more!):

  • Develop partnerships that can offer exclusive benefits to your company
  • Raise your profile and reputation
  • Learn new business techniques
  • Attract more prospects
  • QR Code for business cards is your ticket to standing out
  • Receive referrals to your business when QR codes virtually shared (Good news! No need for face-to-face interaction)

5 Practical Tips To Enhance Your Networking Efforts With QR Code Business Cards

1.     Create A Simple Design

Do You want your cards to be memorable, create a lasting positive impression on your customers, and effectively communicate your information? To achieve this, make your QR Code Business Card look more professional by using a simple layout and leaving a lot of whitespaces around to avoid getting overcrowded. To add visual appeal to them, design a colored QR code and add more than one font and text color.

2.     Use A Call-To-Action Button

You will be amazed that more than 90% of visitors who read your headline also read your call to action (CTA). According to a survey, emails with a single call-to-action increased sales by 1,617%! Yes, you read that absolutely right!

This way, you can prompt potential clients to contact you by stating, “Email me to schedule a meeting .”In QR code business cards, you can add a backlink to your email so the client can easily click it and compose an email to you. (Coping, Pasting, or Typing email is too old-fashioned, and honestly, people are too busy even to bother doing this anymore)

3.     Handout Two Cards At Once

This might seem odd, but believe me, this can be a powerful marketing technique! If you meet a new customer with multiple other connections in your field, consider giving them two cards if you have printed QR code business cards. Ask them to provide the extra card to another colleague who might be looking for a job or willing to connect with you.

4.     Follow Up With Your New Links

Ask your new connections for their business card as you hand out yours during a networking event. After meeting these new people, use the contact information on each card to stay in touch with them. You can carry on your in-person interactions via email to develop relationships and broaden your professional network.

5.     Regularly Attend Business Expos

Digital business cards are interactive, up-to-date, and can contain an unlimited amount of information. To effectively use the strategy, Introduce yourself to your potential clients and politely ask them to scan your QR code. They may now save your contact or email their details to you. Trade fairs are ideal for small business owners as they get the chance to advertise their products and business cards in locations where their items are likely to be seen.

Final Thoughts

Although networking through QR code business cards might help your profession, the reality is that many individuals struggle with it. Some people are anxious about conversing with strangers at a conference or event. The good rule to not get anxious is to prepare ahead of time and have a few pertinent topics of conversation in mind.

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