Quick Guide on Web Server and Types of Web Server


We all have heard about the different methodologies that are used while operating servers or clouds. Such servers and cloud hosting prices differ based on your requirements.

An underlying utility that utilizes HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) for delivering files

It is designed to respond to users’ requests is known as a web server. If a server distributes an XML document to another server, it can also state as a web server. In simple terms, a web server is computer software that acknowledges HTTP requests for delivering web page content and services.

For instance, if a user is working on the computer, browsing the web, and suddenly a message pop-ups from another user comes that “I had just visited the following URL: https://www.cyfuture.cloud”.So, the user will open the URL into the web browser and hit enter. That’s it! The web server on which the website is located in the world does not matter. The requested web page will be browsed immediately and it will appear on the computer screen.

A web server can never disconnect from the internet

Each of the web servers consists of a unique IP address that constitutes a series of numbers between 0 and 255. These numbers are a break with a period (.). Multiple domains can manage on a single web server. A user can rent space on a server or on a pool of servers for different users. And create their online presence with a website. Webpage files and content are also stored on cloud storage in India.

Types of Web Servers

There are four types of servers: –

  • Apache
  • IIS 
  • Nginx
  • LiteSpeed.

Apache Web Server

Apache web server is one of the most popular and usable web servers designed and developed by the Apache Software Foundation. Open-source software Apache supports almost every other operating system such as Windows, Linux, Unix – FreeBSD, Mac OS X, etc. Generally, 60% of the machines run on Apache Web Server. Users can easily customize an apache webserver because of its modular structure. Since it’s open-source software, user can add their own modules to the server. And users can make modifications to suit their needs.

It offers high stability compared to other web servers and main tasks related to administrative issues can be fixed easily. As It can install on multiple platforms successfully.

IIS Web Server

Another popular Microsoft product, IIS. IIS is a web server that provides all the features such as IIS and ASP.NET in one tool. Since it’s not open-source, making customizations such as – adding personal modules and modifying them becomes a bit challenging.

Hence, It’s a Microsoft product so it offers direct support to all the platforms that have installed Windows operating system. Additionally, users also get a satisfactory level of customer support, if there is an issue occurs.

Nginx Web Server

Nginx is another popular open-source web server after Apache. It comprises different protocols like –  IMAP/POP3 proxy server. The compelling features offered by Nginx offer seamless performance, stability, easy configuration, and low memory resource usage.

No threads hand that request by Nginx, instead of a highly extensible event-driven architecture that is using the small and anticipatable amount of memory load that utilized under. It has gain popularity recently and has hosted around 7.5% of all domains globally. Many cloud hosting companies have started opting for this server.

LiteSpeed Web Server

A high-performance web server that can be an Apache drop-in replacement, LSWS (LiteSpeed) is the 4th popular web server over the internet and is a commercial web server.  When you migrate or upgrade to the LiteSpeed web server, the user will experience seamless performance that too with a low operating price. This server offers compatibility with Apache features such as .htaccess,mod_security, and mod_rewrite. It has the capability to load Apache configuration files explicitly and work as a drop-in replacement. Apache can run with almost all the web hosting control panels. It can change the Apache in a while without any downtime.

LiteSpeed has the ability to replace all the Apache operations which other front-end proxy solutions can’t do. To simplify the usage and making the transition from Apache effective and accessible.

Apache Tomcat

An open-source Jakarta servlet container, Apache Tomcat operates as another web server. A small webserver program that enlarges its capabilities as a server call a Java servlet. Servlets can be responsive to different types of requests but they commonly implement applications that host on the web servers. These web servlets are comparable to other web content technologies such as ASPNET, PHP, etc. Sun Microsystems has donated Tomcat’s code that is completely based on the Apache Software Foundation in 1999. Currently, it holding 1% of all websites.

Apache Tomcat that releases under the Apache License V 2.0, Apache Tomcat generally use to run Java applications. But, it can enhance with Coyote, to achieve the role of a normal web server that delivers the local files as HTTP documents.


Node.js is essentially a server-side JavaScript that is used for networking applications such as web servers. It was originally written and developed by Ryan Dahl in 2009. With its smaller market position, Node.js runs 0.2% of all websites. Node.js he by the Linux Foundation’s Collaborative Projects program. Node.js diverges from the popular and frequently used web servers. As it offers a cross-platform environment for developing network applications. With an event-driven architecture. Node js helps in understanding the difference where Node js is a clear part of the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


The cloud hosting companies mainly prefer the web servers based on the need of the clients, the number of users on an individual server, the applications/software that clients use, and the amount of web traffic. A web server can handle what develop by the clients. So, while choosing a web server. First understand and think about all these aspects and then select the particular one.

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