Reasons to Choose Yoga School in India

yoga school in india

Thinking about joining a yoga teacher training? Confused about choosing a yoga destination? Most yoga practitioners confront this situation when they want to get serious about their yoga journey. However, when that happens, you should sit and meditate. Think about the origins of yoga and that will surely help you know how India could be a perfect yoga destination for you.

Can’t relate with the fact why India should be your choice? If yes, make sure you go through the following points. These will help you understand why you must choose a yoga school in India. Hence, it enriches you with a deeper insight into the yoga world in India. So, without wasting any time, let’s jump right into it.

Why Choose Yoga School in India

Serene Environment

One of the major reasons to choose yoga school in India is the climate and environment for yoga practitioners. Rishikesh is heaven for yoga practitioners from across the world. Therefore, you can enroll in one of the best yoga teacher training courses in India to enjoy the lush green environment.

Also, Rishikesh has a spiritual aura to it that calms your senses before even you join a yoga center. Being the birthplace of yoga, Rishikesh is going to offer you what no place else has for you.

Cultural Heritage

India is culturally rich with diversity at every step. Therefore, you should visit this place at least once in your lifetime. Moreover, the availability of so many cultures in a single place helps you explore the world within tiny biodiversity.

Yoga is an active part of everyday routine in India. Therefore, you even learn to inculcate this practice into your life when you observe people around you. Hence, it becomes one of the biggest reasons why you should head to India to join a yoga school.

Venerable Yoga Masters

How often do you come across a person who has dedicated his or her life to yoga practice? Not often? Well, that is an everyday sight in India. Since yoga came into existence in Rishikesh, you are going to meet yoga masters and prodigies living simple life.

Further, you don’t have to book any appointments to meet them. You can simply approach them and spend some quality time with them. That is only possible when you choose a yoga school in India. So, you get all your questions answered by people who inherited yoga from their ancestors.

Diverse Yoga Forms

Another major reason to join a yoga school in India is that you get to choose from different forms of yoga. For instance, you can choose from Hatha, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hot, and Yin yoga. So much to choose from helps you become comfortable with the right form of yoga.

In case you don’t like a particular form of yoga because of its intensity, you are free to choose any other available yoga courses. Such diversity helps you go with the yoga form that closely relates to your interest, aim, and goal in mind.

Adventure Excursions

How often do you take out time to go on adventure excursions? If not so often, think again. All these excursions improve your focus and help you understand yourself. When you join a yoga school in India, especially Rishikesh, you get access to so many activities.

For instance, you can do bungee jumping, sky diving, scuba diving, river rafting, hiking, and much more. All these are available at your disposal. You don’t have to travel out of the town, rather everything is a few meters from each other.

True Yoga Knowledge

Being the birthplace of yoga, Rishikesh in India is a hub of true yoga knowledge. You stay under the guidance of experienced and knowledgeable yoga masters. Hence, you get to clear all your doubts and confusions.

All this is possible because yoga is a part of life in India. It has seeped to the deepest core of life. Hence, you get to learn and practice true yoga.


Budgeting is one of the most crucial points of joining a certified Yoga Alliance course. Not every yoga destination could be under your budget. However, in India, everything is affordable. Not just that, the presence of various yoga ashrams even makes the availability of yoga practice free.

The crux is that India fits in your pocket even if you have a tight budget. That makes it one of the best yoga destinations in the world when it comes to joining a yoga school.

Sum Up

Just make sure you are ready to dedicate your time to yoga practice. Only then do you level up your yoga practice and reach the peak of your practice. Over time, you can even be a yoga teacher and have the life you always wished for.

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