Rico Suarez Made The Right Decision When He Forfeited Everything for Entrepreneurship

Rico Suarez Made The Right Decision

Rico Suarez is a good-looking multi-talented fgure in Hollywood. He was born in America and raised in Medellin, Colombia, Miami, and FL. Rico is an intelligent Latin-American Actor, model, producer, author, businessman, and internet personality. He is well known for his brilliant acting and modeling.

Rico is a popular TV and internet personality having massive followership on Instagram

His modeling career kick-started in 2016. He has since then worked as an ambassador for several major brands. He recogniz for his fuent Spanish accent, great looks, artistic body, and great fashion sense.

In 2018, Rico obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Biological Health Sciences from the University of South Florida. He was a student of Braulio Alonso High School from 2010 – 2014.

He suffered from anorexia and asthma early in his life. Rico had a rough background and bullie growing up in school because of his health challenges. He was always dropping out from one school to the next. His mother was left to raise him and his siblings after his parent’s divorce. He grew up suffering from depression coupled with the accident he had that almost took his life.

Rico Suarez Made The Right Decision
Rico Suarez Made The Right Decision


Rico is six feet tall and weighs 175 pounds

He attained his ftness, defned abs, and great body from strength training. Because of his love for ftness, it became a habit. Exercise is his way of releasing himself from stress. He is a smart businessman; given his success as an entrepreneur, he owns several assets, including rental properties and real estate businesses.

Rico is not only known for his successful businesses but also known to a dedicat activist. He has gone on medical mission trips to Ecuador, Peru, and Nicaragua to help rural communities access basic healthcare, sanitation and build school facilities.

Rico is a person who empowers, inspires, and entertains people

He is a social media infuencer and an advocate of maintaining good mental, physical and spiritual health.

He has a blog where he discusses matters relating to success, including tips for small business growth, personal development, spirituality and growth, activism, and much more.


Rico Suarez Made The Right Decision
Rico Suarez Made The Right Decision

Rico is a spiritual person who owes his success to God. Successful people also inspired him with knowledge in different life areas, including business, motivation, activism, acting, writing, spirituality, and religion. He involv with so many things because of his belief that possibilities are limitless. That background is never a reason for you to fail.

He is a person who has had his eyes on becoming a doctor all his life. But as he came of age, he kept losing interest in becoming medical personnel. He decided to start modeling during the senior year of his undergraduate year. He gave up everything and moved from. Florida to Los Angeles to begin a new career in acting.

Rico faced quite a lot of challenges while in pursuit of his destiny to greatness

He was a goal-getter who wouldn’t allow anything negative to draw him back. Part of the challenges he faced was starvation, strand, rejected, and spending many nights alone in his car.

After many rejections, he was able to get his frst commercial in the Super Bowl and worked on shows on big networks. Rico Suarez is a positive-willed personality and will continue on the path to success in all areas of life and inspire and motivate others. Click here www.ricosuarez.com

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