Ricoma MT-1502 Double Head Commercial Embroidery Machine

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The MT-1502 Two-Headed industrial Embroidery Machine incorporates a wide surface for embroidery on significant merchandise and a brief arm for smaller, difficult-to-embroider areas. Skirts, flats, bags, full dresses, and a lot of will all be adorned with the Ricoma MT-1502 Industrial Embroidery Machine.

Color 7-Inch bit Screen:

This device, which might embroider everything from luggage and tote luggage to towels and curtains, is known among developers. as well as fifteen needles, it’s a high-definition color 7-inch bit screen.

The Ricoma MT-1502 high-volume two-head model has AN ‘Open Area’ framework that produces embroidery on larger objects like luggage and alternative textiles less complicated.

This machine may be an excellent powerhouse for your embroidery company because it comes with all of the essential accessories to essentially get you up and growing.

Commercial Use:

The commercial-1502 embroidery machine manages your embroidery orders quickly, reliably, and of the most effective commonplace, either as AN entrance unit, or AN growth for your current embroidery digitizing service or maybe for little series or bulk purchases. Check out embroidery designs for your machine.


The Ricoma MT-1502 industrial embroidery machine has Multi-language available: English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, French, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic, and more.

  • Touch Panel with 7″ HD True Color digital display
  • Simple menu navigation
  • Dual diode lights for a bigger sight view
  • Two head models for big-scale production
  • Embroidery information formats: Tajima and Barudan; functions: scaling, replicating, flipping, sample replication, optimized font software system, and more
  • The USB port; local computer network (local area network) system
  • Nine languages for the user interface;
  • Embroidery designs Olympian 1730
  • The optical maser scanning device is out there.

Equipment Includes:

  • Some of the key items of the apparatus area unit are listed below:
  • The needles area unit is well-lighted by an intrinsic diode lamp.
  • 1 engineered position marker
  • 1 metal frame with wheels
  • 1 external winder winder

Embroidery Hoops:

  • 4 x 90mm spherical,
  • 4 x 120mm spherical,
  • 4 x 150mm spherical,
  • 4 x 190mm spherical,
  • 4 x three hundred x 300mm,
  • 2 x 560 x 380mm,


Ricoma MT-1502 industrial embroidery machine has many options that area unit delineate as follows:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Heavy memory capacity: twenty million stitches or two hundred styles
  3. 150W servo motor – the industry’s most minor power usage!
  4. Built-in universal power supply, self-adaptable to 110V/60Hz and 220V/50Hz internationally
  5. Two head Machine reads varied style formats as well as DST, DSB, and far a lot of
  6. For easy use, frame offset and frame details area units are accessible.
  7. Automatic thread trimmer
  8. Adjustable fingerprint sensing element provides for right-hand thumb use.
  9. Preset hoop settings to stop touching hoop frames
  10. Automatic color shift
  11. The ordinance of liquid ecstasy.: 100 pm
  12. Highly sturdy steel stand with wheels to ensure each balance and flexibility
  13. Adjustable control board placement for improved vision and relaxation
  14. 172 and 196-degree keys area unit intrinsic for easy system management
  15. On the house screen, there’s a ballroom dance tracing button.
  16. Net weight: a hundred ninety kgs (418.9 lbs)
  17. Gross mass: 330 weight units (727.5 lbs)
  18. Emergency stop choice obtainable


  • Packaging that’s friendly to the atmosphere
  • Patches is commercially made with ease.
  • The slender breadth of the unit makes for fast entry via standard-sized gates.


Ricoma MT-1502 double head embroidery machines area unit appropriate for those that need to create totally different patterns and styles on varied clothes. the benefits of a double-head embroidery machine embody movability, easy use, inflated speed, and a lot of output. you’ll have larger flexibility in your work. Ricoma MT-1502 industrial embroidery machine is used in each way that as one head embroidery machine once operating for little orders; you’ll close up one head and double-headed industrial embroidery machine for bulk work. Find out embroidery design.

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