Roof cleaning service: How to choose a cleaning contractor

Roof cleaning service: How to choose a cleaning contractor.

Roof cleaning service: How to choose a cleaning contractor. If you’re like every homeowner in Minnesota, your home is your biggest investment. You searched the right school district, the right neighborhood, asked how old the roofs were. Inspected the house, and went ahead and purchased your house in the area. You take pride in your curb appeal and don’t mind investing in maintenance as it’s much less expensive than replacing everything.

A roof cleaning company to the rescue!

Well, not that fast. Professional cedar shake roof cleaners are hard to come by in Minnesota, and as  Cedar shake roof cleaning is becoming known as a must for good home maintenance, there has been a flurry of inexperienced startups. and the great claim to the miracle cleaner is Spray and Forget. The core fact remains. The growth on your roof must not only remove from the surface of the shingles but must also be killed off at the source or it will quickly return. Formulas that will work for other types of roofing materials will not work with cedar shake roofs or shingles.

This removal of infestations on the roofs should be done by an experienced professional and those that do not remove the source of the problem will end up with the infestations returning again and again in rapid succession.  Having the right cleaner with the correct knowledge, equipment. And techniques are the key to a successful clean.

Choose the right roof cleaning company in Minnesota

Killing mold and its related spores is a slightly different process than that of other types of infestation such as fungus or mold. Spores, like any living organism, have adapted to become healthier to survive through climate changes and circumstances not available in other parts of the country. Only experienced cedar shake roof cleaning services understand and fine-tune the right strengths of landscape-friendly cleaners to eliminate moss growth while remaining safe for the home’s surroundings. your.

Like any commercial activity, an important part of the successful outcome of roof cleaning is the preparation

The issues must be anticipated and planned for. The place where the drain is drained must be carefully monitored and contain its flow. The inside of the gutters must be inspected to anticipate possible overflow situations. The most important thing a homeowner needs to know is that very low pressures down to zero should be used on the roofing.

The shingles and shakes that protect that roo will blow away when high pressures use and low-pressure soft washes are the only way to clean cedar shake roofs. If a company tells you they will clean the shingles with a pressure washer and not use any specially formulated cleaning products… RUN!. They will take many years from the life of your roof and cause unknown damage.

Look for the usual in a company… experience

Time in business, licenses, liability insurance, workers’ insurance, trained technicians. And getting testimonials from previous clients. Note that there isn’t any mention of price. The prices offered will likely vary but the cheapest offer is often not the best

While you must of course work within your budget requirements. It is always better to leave the development on your roof than to hire an inexperienced craftsman who can leave your assets behind Roof cleaning in the Minnesota area is not done very often. So choose a contractor who will do the job correctly with the most importance of your property safety to complete the export. the task of cleaning the roof. As a rough guide, a cedar shake roof must clean once every 5 to 10 years in order to allow your roof to attain the estimated 35 – 50 years of life.

Why do you need to clean the roof?

Here are the reasons why one should add a biennial roof cleaning to the to-do list of home maintenance.

A large number of property owners think that cleaning your roof is a luxury. Something to do if you have extra cash. Are preparing for a party, or are trying to sell your house. While those are great occasions to clean your roof. But regular maintenance and cleaning of your roof are really important to its health and longevity, not just its appearance. You can prolong the life of your roof and save money on new roof costs, simply by cleaning it regularly.

The cleaning chemicals used when cleaning the roof will remove those nasty black stains (caused by dirt, mold. And more) and also prevent them from forming for a while. This can make a simple biennial service even further. Contact us to learn more about the process we use on your roof and why it’s valuable to have your roof cleaned regularly.

Not only will maintaining your roof enhance the attractiveness of your home

You actually run the risk of having your homeowner’s contract canceled over a dirty roof. This bacteria can worsen shingles. Cleaning your roof will maximize the life of your roof and prevent the cancellation of your insurance policy.

Nothing says value added by a great first impression– with a nice clean roof. No one wants to buy a house with a dirty and old-looking roof expecting they will have to replace it soon.

The cost of a biennial cleaning goes a long way and can ultimately save you money in the long run by extending the time of a repair or replacement.

Failing to maintain your roof through regular  Cedar shake roof cleaning can allow the aforementioned bacteria, moss, and fungus to feed on your shingles, by allowing moisture to seep in and rot the wood underneath. If your roof is dirty right now, your roof may not be leaking. But untreated infestations on the roof cause seepage. Further damage can be much more costly than it is. for the price of a single service for repair. The smell of a rotting roof can also attract creatures to enter your attic. Crawl space through compromised areas of your roof.

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