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Complete analysis: SEO audits services

SEO audits services is a complete analysis of your website. This process analyzes each page and presents data such as the number of words on a page, the subject, the link, the positioning of the page on the web, and many other aspects.


This information helps you understand how your site works. Subsequently, a web referencing or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy can be established based on the data and the interpretation of these figures. The SEO audits services improves the site’s performance on search engines. The site scan contains a minimum of fifty criteria.


The scan indicates a precise moment in the state of the site. It looks like a photograph. It is necessary to do a new scan if it was done six months ago because the site’s performance has surely changed. New methods will be created to keep the site running smoothly. 


Why do an SEO audit?

In general, the audit report made by an SEO auditor contains:


  • in detail the current state of your site, including social networks and inbound/outbound links
  • the elements evaluated as well as the explanations
  • A list of SEO recommendations and opportunities to seize to improve the site’s performance


As mentioned, an SEO audits services is like a photo at a specific time and place. Therefore, conducting an audit twice yearly is one way to maintain the site’s performance. New ways of doing things on the web are evolving rapidly. Thus, the audit allows you to know the evolution of your business according to the sector of activity and to readjust if necessary.


How to do an SEO audit?

It is possible to launch an SEO audit  service online for free. Depending on the distributor, this may take a few minutes or hours. After the analysis, you must know how to interpret the data, the figures, and your positioning of your sector of activity. If you have the necessary skills, do not hesitate to use the different tools available on the web. Otherwise, consult an SEO audit specialist.


This is a person trained in SEO who knows how to interpret information to increase a site’s performance. It does a complete analysis of your site and then presents its recommendations.

So, if you want to do the best seo audit services yourself. Here are the five steps that cover analyzing your site. Doing each step before moving on to the next one is recommended.


  1. SEO on your website
  2. Control your website
  3. Check social media
  4. Check off page seo audit
  5. Check the mobile version


SEO on your website

Let’s start by looking at your website and its structure. We first look at the titles and descriptions. Headlines should be classified with H1 tags. The number of characters is a maximum of 65 characters. The meta description should be polite, brief (no more than 160 characters), and include a call to action to persuade users to click on the link. Your topic’s keyword ought to appear in the title as well.

To prevent the URL from being automatically created with letters and numbers, it must be formatted according to the subject. Writing the desired URLs yourself is possible by separating the words with a hyphen. A maximum of five words is recommended.

For subtitles, use the H2 and H3 bases to prioritize your text. In this way, Googlebot will be able to recognize titles and subtitles according to their level of importance. The most important topics are at the beginning of the text.


For content, make sure you choose the necessary keywords to create relevant and unique content. For example, for blog posts, 1,500 words is a good start. Also, check that there is no duplication of text. If so, combine or restructure them so the topics are varied. Additionally, you can update slightly older readers. 


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Make sure robots and sitemaps are updated before indexing by the search engine. Include the code 301, 302, or 404 for referrals to avoid losing potential customers.

Remember to include images and videos to make your text easier to read on internet pages. Make sure you have the right compression and name them in a way that describes the image or video. The ergonomic interface, download speed, and site architecture are also elements to check to provide a pleasant customer experience.


Check the website

Google Analytics and Google Search Console are the tools that allow you to see the effectiveness of your pages. The statistics show which pages are performing well and which are performing poorly. From this, you can investigate and make the necessary corrections.

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Check social media

Regarding social networks, check that the posts are well formatted. Complete your profiles, such as name, address, website name, and mission, and update regularly if any changes occur. This ensures your site’s credibility in the eyes of the target who follows you. You can also integrate share buttons. Make sure you have content that interests your target and reliable links.


off page seo audit

The off page seo audit is the analysis of sites referring to your website. The offsite audit checks these sites to validate their relevance to your site, as this impacts your web positioning. Indeed, if the repository site is well located on the web, your page will be optimized.

Therefore, the place that shares your content becomes a positive lever for the positioning of your site. However, if the site is well-referenced, it will likely do something for your site. So, both must find their account so that both parties win/win and benefit from this service exchange. So, check the pages and remove any external links that do not suit you.

In addition, you can invite people in your field to write an article make a video to promote a project, or create a discussion on a subject that will interest your target audience.


Check mobile version

You can perform an best seo audit services on the mobile version. For example, check that the design and screen are adapted to the screen format. Test the download speed so the user does not leave the page after waiting a few seconds. The menu should be easy to navigate.

You must prevent the Internet user from pinching their fingers when browsing your site or reading the information.

Finally, conducting the best seo audit services requires a lot of work (on average, 50 hours) for analyses and recommendations. Software like Xenu, Majestic, or Sideliner can help you perform the analysis.


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