SQL Server Login Not Working Error – SA User Authentication Issue Fixed

SQL Server login not working

Synopsis: In this guide, we’re going to discuss the best solutions for users to fix the SQL Server login not working error with ease. There are plenty of causes due to which users have to face such login errors in connectivity. Evidently, along with the solutions, we’re going to put some light on these causes. This is how we can eliminate the root causes easily.

Now, the solution to fix SQL Server SA user not working error is based on the type of causes that create the errors. Therefore, we have both manual & automated solutions for users to eliminate different root causes with ease. The error number we come across here is 233.

Users must note that this issue is not a major one but for sure it’s common among users. Therefore, users need to pay attention to all the aspects we’re discussing here. Therefore, read the entire article to get complete knowledge regarding the same.

Causes of SQL Server Authentication Login Not Working Error

Now, various reasons make users face such challenging scenarios for just logging in to the SQL server. Let’s quickly go through the major causes of this SQL login not working errors first.

Evidently, we have three major reasons that users need to address & find a solution for. After that, we can say that there’ll be nothing left for users to worry about.

Severe Corruption & Data Loss – Unavailability of Database Resources

The most common cause to face such errors is because of the damage to SQL Server database files. Corrupted files can often cause connectivity issues that are hard to solve without fixing the affected files. Therefore, users need to fix the corruption ASAP.

Misinterpretation of File Paths – Wrong File Paths Connected to Server

Another common reason we have is the mismatch of SQL Database file paths. Admins should note that database files like MDF, NDF,& LDf are stored on the same drive location where the SQL server is stored. That’s how to fix the SQL Server SA login not working error.

Service Account Credentials Changes – Delayed Updation of Passwords

Another blunder occurs because of the Login SA passwords. There are times when users change the SQL Service passwords but do not change them in the destination location. This as a result causes a serious blunder in establishing a connection with the SQL Server services.

Best Way to Fix SQL Server Login Not Working Problem

Now, to provide users with the best solution, here we are. As we learned above corruption & data loss is the main reason for login issues. Therefore, the solution we are discussing now is the automated solution to fix corrupted files.

SysTools offers the Most Reliable SQL Recovery Tool for users that can help them get the perfect solution. This advanced utility is full of advanced features that no other solution offers. Follow the five simple steps here:

Step-1. Launch the Automated Tool in the system.

Step-2. Click on the Open button to Add MDF files.

Step-3. Select the  Quick or Advance Scan options.

Step-4. Choose Destination Location to save files.

Step-5. Hit Export to fix the SQL login not working error.

Note: Select the Run as Administrator option to easily execute the entire operation without any technical errors.


  • The software repair & recover corrupted & delete files in the SQL Server database.
  • This tool can auto-detect the SQL Server versions & offers a manual option too.
  • Users can select the scan modes for the recovery process of their data files.
  • It offers three export modes as mentioned below:
    • To SQL Server
    • To CSV File Format
    • To SQL Transcript File
  • It supports Windows OS – 11, 10, 8, 7, etc & Windows Server as well.
  • Tool compatible with all SQL versions from the year 2000 to the year 2022.

Manual Solution to Fix the Connectivity Issues

Now, that we are here at the manual solution, we need to understand it is for different scenarios. Majorly, there are two scenarios where users need to execute the manual solution to get the perfect solution for their task. The scenarios to fix SQL Server login not working errors are:

Service Account Credentials Changes – Delayed Updation of Passwords

Users need to make sure that they update the updated passwords to the SQL Server services. This way, they can eliminate all the connectivity issues & can log in easily. Follow the below steps for the same.

  1. Go to SQL Server Configuration Manager.
  2. Now, Navigate to the Log on Tab option.
  3. Enter the Updated Password to fix the errors.

Misinterpretation of File Paths – Wrong File Paths Connected to Server

Go to the SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) & run the ALTER DATABASE command. The purpose of this command is to simply point the right path of SQL Server to the files.

SQL Server SA User Not Working – Benefits & Drawbacks of the Methods

Now, that we are aware of both the solutions, let’s simply move forward towards the advantages & disadvantages of the above-mentioned solutions. This way users can easily identify the loopholes & sensitive areas to focus on.

The automated tool is so far the gem of this operation. We have already mentioned its advantages. Moreover, it does not really have any drawbacks. Therefore, we are focusing on the manual solution here.

Drawbacks of Manual Solution to Fix SQL Server SA User Not Working Error:

  • The manual solution is very time-consuming & complex.
  • Users must be proficient in SQL Server technicalities.
  • There is no surety for users that they’ll get results or not.
  • SQL Server installation in the system is necessary for users here.

The Final Say

After going through all of the critical aspects, now we are aware of almost all the solutions to fix SQL Server login not working errors with ease. As we said earlier as well, the solution depends on the causes of the problem.

Therefore, now we know the right tool & technique to implement at the right time. As there are multiple solutions available in the market for SQL recovery, we suggest users do not trust all of them. SysTools is one of the expert’s recommended solutions that has no match. Rest, we leave everything to users for fixing SQL Server authentication login not working issues.

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