Study Guide for the DP-203 Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Associate Exam

Candidates opt for DP-203 training and certification after implementing an Azure Data Solution and DP-200 Designing Azure Data Solution certification. The DP-203 Microsoft Azure Data engineer associate exam is meant for Data Engineers. After receiving the certification, you can get the validation and credibility of an Azure Data Engineer. But first, figuring out how you would study to receive the certification is necessary.

Why learn DP-203?

Learning and having the DP-203 training will help you as a data engineer in understanding and connecting unstructured data to the structured data of an organization. You would achieve this by collecting, accessing, auditing, and cleaning existing data from the systems and transforming it into useful business data.

By learning DP-203, you could maintain your organization’s database, manage and monitor data systems, construct pipelines, and create outputs scalably. You will become the front line of data strategy, the first person to take care of the organization’s unstructured data and turn it into structured and workable data.

Due to this, there is a high need and demand for data engineers in the IT industry due to the high production of unstructured data daily. And what you learn from the DP-203 training and Azure cloud certification would make a difference in how you tackle data and work with it. You would also simplify the processes and work for many data scientists while assisting them at every point.  

Who is an Azure Data Engineer?

Azure data engineers are the ones responsible for distinguishing and dividing unstructured data and turning them into structured data. This consolidation, transformation, and integration of data from unstructured to structured are utilized to create analytical solutions for organizations.

The role of Azure Data Engineers also includes assisting the stakeholders in comprehending the structured data through research. You would be designing and constructing specific processing of the pipeline instructions using various strategies and tools. You would also use Azure’s data languages and offerings to evaluate and create better data.

Your responsibility would also extend to monitoring systems, securing the stored structured data, and the platform to ascertain that only users can access the data.

Who is this certification for?

If you are interested in data engineering while being a professional in business intelligence, data administration, and data architecture, then this Azure cloud certification is meant for you. You can also get this certification and go through DP-203 training if you know Scala, Python, SQL, or any other languages for data processing.

The DP-203 certification is specifically useful if you are efficient at data architecture and parallel processing patterns. As a result, Microsoft focuses on your expertise in consolidating, transforming, and integrating data from various systems into a structure.

Prerequisites for the DP-203 Certification

One of the significant prerequisites for the DP-203 certification is that you must have a good knowledge and comprehension of the data processing languages such as Scala, Python, SQL, or anything else to have a good understanding of data architecture and parallel processing systems.

Skills Measured in the DP-203 Exam

In this Azure cloud certification, the following skills are measured –

  • Designing and implementing data storage (40-50%)
  • Optimizing and monitoring data processing and data storage (10-15%)
  • Implementing and designing data security (10-15%)
  • Development and formulation of data processing (25-30%)

Study Resources for the Exam 

On the portal of Microsoft Learn, there are various study resources provided by Microsoft. One of these resources is the exam replay which has two offers for you to become successful in the examinations. You also can review and manage your certificates, scheduled appointments, and transcripts.

Depending on your specific needs, you could also request accommodations with your examination. But, before this, you could also review the policies of the exam and the frequently asked questions.

You can also get assistance from a forum moderator in the support forums of Microsoft certification. The forum moderator can answer your queries from Monday to Friday after a business day.


The skills and credibility you receive from the Azure Data Engineers will help you monitor, implement, and design data platforms. These platforms would meet the requirements of data pipelines. You would have to go through the DP-203 training, which is essential for getting the Azure Cloud certification.   Read more


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