Styling Tips for the Perfect Party Wear Look

Styling Tips for the Perfect Party Wear Look

Are you ready to look your best at your next party? Whether you’re attending a black-tie event, a birthday bash, or an office party, having the perfect party wear look is an essential part of any ensemble. But with so many different styles out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you create the perfect party wear look. 

Although, a party wear lehenga choli is famous and known well for but there are many other dresses you can go for. 

Here Are Some Tips for Styling Ethnic Party Wear Look

1. Start with the Right Fabric. 

Whether you are going for a traditional look or a modern twist on ethnic wear, the fabric of your choice should always be breathable and comfortable. A traditional saree is made of cotton, silk, or chiffon, while a modern kurta is usually made of light fabrics like georgette and crepe. When choosing a fabric, it’s important to consider the garment’s intended use. If you’re looking for something to wear in the office or for an occasion, you would want something that does not make you feel overwhelmed during the day. On the other hand, for parties, you will go for glittery and shiny fabrics. 

2. Choose the Right Colors. 

When it comes to ethnic party wear, the color palette is vast and varied. For a classic Indian look, you can choose from a range of colors such as red, orange, pink, yellow, and blue. If you’re aiming for a modern twist, you can go for vibrant colors like lime green, turquoise, or even fuchsia. Imagine wearing a party wear designer gown in a vibrant color of your choice. 

When wearing patterns, such as stripes or floral prints, you should choose colors that will complement each other. For example, if you are wearing a floral dress, you may want to choose colors that are similar to the colors in the pattern. Additionally, if you are wearing a striped dress, you may want to choose colors that are complementary to the stripes.

3. Mix and Match. 

Mixing and matching different fabrics and colors is a great way to create a unique ethnic party look. Consider pairing a bright orange kurta with a bright yellow dupatta or a traditional saree with a contemporary blouse. This will help you create a unique look that will stand out from the crowd.

Mix-and-match fashion is all about personal expression. It allows you to express yourself without having to conform to the trends set by the fashion industry. With this style, you can have fun experimenting with different combinations and create a look that is completely unique and reflects your personality.

A party-wear lehenga choli is a mix-and-match shade of colors. Wearing a blouse, lehenga, and dupatta by mixing different shades for a vibrant look. This style of fashion gives you the freedom to experiment with different pieces and create a look that is both stylish and affordable. 

4. Accessorize Wisely. 

The key to acing the perfect ethnic party look is to accessorize it with the right jewelry and footwear. Silver bangles, earrings, and necklaces are the perfect way to add a touch of sparkle to your look. For footwear, you can opt for a pair of fancy sandals.

When accessorizing, it’s important to know the difference between too little and too much. Too little can make your outfit appear unfinished while too much can make you look like you’ve tried too hard. When in doubt, go for one statement piece and keep the rest of your accessories simple.

When it comes to accessorizing, don’t be afraid to experiment. Invest in classic pieces that you can wear with almost anything, and have fun with fashion-forward trends. If you’re feeling daring, try pairing classic pieces with more daring elements. The possibilities are endless if you accessorize wisely.

5. Style Your Hair. 

To complete the perfect ethnic look, you have to style your hair accordingly. For a traditional look, opt for a sleek bun or a braid or two. For a modern twist, try blow-drying your hair straight or curling it with hot rollers. You can go after a look that’s sleek and polished, bohemian and messy, or something in between, there’s a classic cut for everyone. Just make sure it goes well with your outfit. 


Styling an ethnic party wear look can be a fun and creative experience. With the right selection of colors, fabrics, and accessories, you can create a unique look that is sure to turn heads. Consider personalizing your outfit with intricate embroidery and beading, or adorning it with traditional jewelry and accessories. With a little bit of imagination, you can create a stylish and sophisticated look that is sure to make your next event a memorable one.

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