The Brother Disney PE550D embroidery machine

Brother Disney PE550D

1) preface

Brother Disney PE550D Embroidery Machine is an embroidery machine that’s largely affordable, effective, and easy to handle. This amazing embroidery machine will exaggerate the Disney characters and other designs with complete bywords. This machine includes 125 erected- in designs to embroider, with 45 of the Disney character designs included. It also has erected 9 sources, 6 are in English, and the other 3 are in Japanese.

Brother Disney PE550D 4 x 4 elevation Embroidery Machine comes with a3.2 elevation touch screen display by which you can view the designs with colors. The in- erected color range allows you to change the thread shade before stretching the products. Comes up with automatic and advanced needle threading features, which grant the machine ease in threading. You can also embellish the products with Mickey mouse and his companion’s designs which are the fave of all kiddies of Embroidery digitizing.

2) Specifications

4 x 4 elevation embroidery field with3.2 elevation of the TV screen to view the embroidery designs and their tones.
One hundred twenty- five( 125) erected- in designs, including 45 designs for Disney characters.
9 erected- in fountain styles; 6 comes with English fountain and 3 with Japanese.
erected- in memory to import designs by USB and erected- in tutorials for guidance.
erected- in 5 x 7 elevation circle for embroidery to stretching more significant systems.
Automatic needle threading to save the time of the embroidery process.

3) Features

LED lighting to view embroidery design and tones easily.
erected- in 125 embroidery designs to exaggerate the products, 45 are the sprat’s favorite Disney character and flowery embroidery designs.
Realistic exercise to embroidery designs, seven feed points of canine, inbuilt function to exaggerate border, and quick bobbin set.
Automatic threading of needles with lower breakage of thread and time- saving property for the embroidery process.
Family PE550D machine features prereview, editing, glass effect, rotating, and resizing the embroidery letters.
Spanish and English language primer and attendants for newcomers.
Includes quick sets of the bobbin.
It’s only an embroidery machine, which makes it unique among other machines as it can add 25 thread colors to the embroidery particulars.
Includes three pieces of needle set and 4 spools for caps.
It can sew 400 aches per nanosecond for embroidery.
Can perform 3D handwriting and freestyle systems of laces too.

4) Pros

inche TV screen is available

It allows you to acclimate thread colors and other aspects of your designs.

Automatic Threading function

Automatic threading functions can help you save a great deal of time.

Simply bus thread the needles and help the breakage of vestments.

The price is fair

You would nearly frequently have to pay a couple of hundred bucks redundant for a computer with numerous automated features. About every budget should be suitable to accommodate this bone .

For night owls, the company provides LED lights

Unlike some other Family performances, there’s no demand to buy fresh lighting. It facilitates the job.

5) Cons

It’s only an embroidery machine

As it’s designed only for embroidery purposes, if you want to sew, you need to buy another machine.

Embroidery field size is ordinary

It comes up with an ordinary- sized embroidery field that isn’t over to client’s demands.


Knitters who suture sometimes will enjoy working on the Brother PE550D embroidery machine for Embroidery digitizing services, Indeed with the not- so-big embroidery field. It provides lots of options. More importantly, the embroidery quality is veritably smooth and can indeed mound up 400 aches per nanosecond with 25 different colors, so you can fully trust it with nearly any design.

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