The Top 10 Modern Pet Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

Modern Pet Products

As a pet owner, you want to give your furry friend the best life possible. That means keeping them healthy, happy, and comfortable. With so many new pet products coming out all the time, it can be hard to keep up with the latest innovations.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the top 10 modern pet products that you may not know about but definitely need to check out. From high-tech toys to stylish accessories, these items will pamper your pooch or kitty – and make your life easier too. Keep reading to discover the coolest new pet gadgets and gear worth adding to your shopping cart.

Smart Pet Feeders

One of the most useful pet products is a smart pet feeder. These automated feeders can be programmed to release food at scheduled times throughout the day. This is a great option if your schedule varies and you can’t always be there to feed your pet.

Smart feeders allow you to control portions and feeding times via a mobile app. You’ll get notifications when food is dispensed and some even have cameras so you can check in on your pet during the day. Models like the PetSafe Smart Feed allow you to record a custom voice message to play at feeding times, perfect for active pups who get excited about eating.

Benefits of smart feeders include preventing overeating, easing anxious pets who don’t like empty bowls, and sticking to your vet’s recommended feeding schedule for health conditions like obesity or diabetes. It’s a convenient way to feed pets while you’re at work, traveling, or too busy to maintain strict mealtimes.

Custom Pet Portraits

Besides giving a high-quality dog bed to your beloved pup, having a portrait made of your special pet is a touching way to memorialize your bond. Thanks to modern technology, custom pet portraits have gone high-tech. Now you can commission a painting, drawing, or digital illustration of your furry friend from a photo you provide.

Many artists will include the pet’s name and other personal touches you request. Portraits can be printed on canvas, metal, or archival paper suitable for framing. For the best results, provide high-resolution photos showing your pet’s personality and favorite activities.

Custom pet portraits make fabulous gifts for pet lovers celebrating a birthday, holiday, or the memory of a beloved companion animal. A portrait capturing your pet’s unique personality is a lasting tribute you’ll treasure.

GPS Pet Trackers

Pet trackers use GPS and wireless technology to monitor your pet’s location and activity. The basic trackers attach to your pet’s collar and record their movement patterns and whereabouts. Using a mobile app, you can view your pet’s current or prior location and track walks on a map.

More advanced pet trackers include extra features like temperature sensors to alert you if your pet is too hot or cold. Activity monitoring provides insights into your pet’s exercise and calorie-burn. Some also have built-in cameras or the ability to speak to your pet remotely using a 2-way microphone.

Pet trackers provide peace of mind if your pet wanders off or gets lost. You’ll be able to locate your pet quickly before panic sets in. For adventurous explorers, high-energy dogs, and sly escape artists, modern pet products like advanced trackers are a smart idea.

Elevated Pet Bowls

Elevated pet food and water bowls provide a more natural and comfortable eating position for pets. Especially helpful for older, arthritic pets, elevated bowls allow them to eat without having to bend down as far. This reduces joint stress and discomfort.

Look for elevated bowls that are adjustable to customize the height as needed for your pet. Bowls on a stand are easier for pets to access rather than raised bowls attached to the wall. Make sure it’s sturdy and won’t tip over.

Elevated bowls also slow down fast eaters. The higher position makes them eat at a healthier pace which aids digestion. For households with multiple pets, elevated bowls prevent them from stealing each other’s food. Overall, elevated pet bowls are an ergonomic solution providing stress-free mealtimes.

Pet Video Cameras

Pet cameras allow you to watch over and interact with your furry friend even when you’re away. The latest modern pet products include features like two-way audio, treat dispensers, motion tracking, night vision, and phone alerts if your pet is active.

With a WiFi pet camera, you can check in on your pet anytime from your smartphone. Speak to them through the camera’s microphone for reassurance when they’re anxious. Dispense treats remotely to reward good behavior. CCTV cameras with wide angle views let you watch multiple pets.

Pet cameras offer peace of mind that your pet is safe and sound while you’re at work, traveling, or out for the night. You may discover – and prevent – bad behaviors like garbage raiding when your pet thinks you’re not watching. It’s the next best thing to being there.

Health Monitoring Pet Tech

From high-quality orthopedic dog beds and fitness trackers to smart collars, technology can now monitor important health indicators for your pet. These devices track your pet’s vital signs, activity, sleep, and more.

Fitness collars and pet wearables measure stats like heart and respiratory rate, body temperature, activity/calorie burn, and sleep quality. The data syncs with a mobile app to monitor changes that may indicate illness or injury.

Smart litter boxes detect urinary and digestive issues by analyzing waste. Smart pet scales track weight remotely so you don’t have to drag your pet to the vet for frequent weigh-ins. Pet tech provides early alerts to potential health issues so you can get your pet prompt treatment.

Calming Products for Anxious Pets

Does your pet get stressed by loud noises, separation, or travel? A variety of calming products can help relieve pet anxiety, fear, and nervous behavior issues. From pheromone diffusers to CBD treats, try these modern pet solutions for a happier, more relaxed pet.

Plug-in diffusers and sprays containing synthetic pheromones mimic natural calming hormones. The odorless pheromones provide comfort and signal safety. ThunderShirts apply gentle pressure to make pets feel secure during stressful events.

Calming treats, chews, and supplements with ingredients like cbd or l-theanine reduce anxious behaviors. For travel-related problems, try anti-nausea medications, calming caps, or pheromone collars. Work with your vet to choose appropriate calming products for your pet’s needs.

Smart Litter Boxes

Scooping litter is one of the least pleasant parts of pet care. Smart, self-cleaning litter boxes simplify this dirty task. Automatic litter boxes have sensors to detect when your cat uses the box. An integrated rake then cycles through to remove waste from the litter.

Features like odor control, privacy hoods, and built-in traps for scattered litter make clean up near effortless. Bluetooth models track your cat’s litter box usage and health. Alerts are sent if there’s an abnormal change that could indicate illness or stress.

Self-cleaning litter boxes are ideal for multi-cat households or busy owners. Look for a model with high walls to accommodate larger cats. For ultimate convenience, choose one with an attachable waste receptacle to easily dispose of bagged waste.

Pet Water Fountains

Hydration is important for pet health. Pet water fountains deliver clean, filtered water to encourage drinking. The flowing stream keeps water oxygenated and appealing to pets. Fountains are easier for pets to drink from compared to still bowls.

Pet fountains have replaceable filters to remove impurities and bad tastes that discourage drinking. You’ll appreciate the fountain if you have pets who spill bowls or leave fish tank water on the floor. Built-in reservoirs keep the water supply fresh if you’ll be away for the day.

Looking for a fountain? Select a dishwasher safe model with multiple flow settings and capacities for pets of different sizes. Consider added features like LED lights or flower-shaped fountains for picky pets. Modern pet products like these fountains keep pets hydrated with clean running water.

Automatic Laser Cat Toys

Entertaining curious cats is a breeze with automatic laser toys. These automated toys project random laser patterns on walls and floors for cats to chase and pounce. The unpredictable movement keeps cats entertained and exercised.

Automatic laser toys allow cat owners to sit back and relax while the toy keeps kitty occupied. Look for models with variable speeds and light patterns for versatility. Timer and motion sensor modes conserve battery when your cat loses interest.

Cats love to stalk prey so a laser provides mental stimulation. The frequent sprinting and pouncing is good exercise for indoor cats. Lasers offer hours of amusement without the cat knocking physical toys under furniture. It’s the ideal boredom buster for home alone cats.

Custom Pet Tags & Accessories

Personalize your pet’s accessories with custom tags, bandanas, and more. Custom pet tags engraved with your contact info provide an added layer of security if your pet gets lost. Include your pet’s name, phone number, microchip info, and address.

For a fashionable look, order custom pet bandanas, shirts, or handmade collars embroidered with your pet’s name. Express your pet’s personality with unique accessories like bow ties, tutus, and outerwear. Personalized items make great gifts for pet lovers.

Don’t forget useful items like leashes, placemats, and poop bag carriers embroidered with their name. With many colors and patterns to choose from, your pet will stand out in style wearing their modern pet gear.

Interactive Puzzle Toys

Treat your pet to mentally stimulating puzzle toys. Food puzzle toys challenge pets to move pieces and slide doors to uncover hidden treats. Level up the puzzles as your pet masters basic steps to keep their brain active.

Another option is treat-dispensing balls. As your pet rolls the ball, small openings release kibble or treats to reward their play. Stuff the ball with your pet’s kibble at mealtimes to slow down fast eaters.

Intelligent, active pets thrive when their natural foraging and problem-solving instincts are engaged. Rotate different puzzles to prevent boredom. Supervise destructive chewers with any toy. Interactive toys provide mental enrichment along with physical activity.


What are the benefits of a smart pet feeder?

Smart pet feeders allow you to control when and how much your pet eats via a mobile app. Benefits include preventing overeating, easing anxious pets, feeding pets when you’re away, and sticking to your vet’s recommended feeding schedule.

How do pet trackers work?

Pet trackers use GPS and wireless technology to monitor your pet’s location and activity. Using a mobile app, you can view your pet’s current or prior location and track walks on a map. Advanced models include health sensors and cameras.

Are elevated pet bowls really necessary?

Yes, elevated bowls reduce joint stress and discomfort while eating, especially for older, arthritic pets. Elevated bowls also slow down fast eaters by making them eat from a higher, more natural position. They’re an ergonomic solution for stress-free mealtimes.

What are the benefits of pet video cameras?

Pet cameras allow you to watch over your pet remotely via your smartphone. You can check in, dispense treats, and speak to your pet while away. These modern pet products provide peace of mind knowing your pet is safe and allow you to monitor for bad behaviors.

How do calming products work to reduce pet anxiety?

Calming products like pheromone diffusers, ThunderShirts, and treats with ingredients like CBD or l-theanine work in different ways to reduce anxious pet behaviors. Consult your vet to select appropriate calming products tailored for your pet’s needs.


There are so many neat, modern products designed to make pet care easier and pamper your four-legged family member. Smart tech takes the guesswork out of feeding, exercise, and health monitoring. Meanwhile, custom accessories and calming aids help pets live their best lives.

We hope this post highlighted helpful new pet gadgets to enhance your bond with your furry friend. They deserve the very best! With so many innovations aimed at pet owners, you’re sure to find products to make life more convenient, safe, and entertaining. Don’t hesitate to treat yourself and your pets to some of these fun new gadgets.

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