The Top 5 Justifications for Using a Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine

Multi-Needle Embroidery Machine

Utmost of the original knitters who use multi-needle embroidery machines for an extended period in the home or on a small scale still do n’t know their machines ’ main features and parcels.

But it’s not entirely their fault, and if they want, they can command on their multi-needle machine by learning about the machine’s features. However, you must watch this videotape, If you want further information about your multi needle embroidery machine. In that case, it’ll give you word about when and why a multi-needle embroidery machine is demanded.


Multi-needle embroidery machine generally contains 4 to 10 needles.

You do n’t need to change the color of the thread( like a single needle machine) while stretching on your fabric as the needles can hold up to 10 different colors while stretching, so you do n’t need to stop the machine from changing thread color Embroidery digitizing.

It contains two points for attachment of circle and can circle in a bigger size.

Common size for circle are 4 ″ x4 ″, 5 ″ x7 ″, 6 ″ x 10 ″, 8 ″ x 12 ″, 8 ″ x14 ″ and 14 ″ x14 ″.

The embroidery speed of multi-needle embroidery machines can vary from 400 to 1000 aches per nanosecond.

Reasons you need a multi-needle machine

Multiple Needles

As the name shows, multi-needle embroidery machines can hold further than one needle. These machines contain 4 to 6 needles and are bigger and heavier than single needle machines. So, keep in mind while using a multi-needle machine that they enthrall further space.

These machines were available in the request for the long term, but only a many knitters use these machines due to the high price range. But after the massive price change, numerous knitters can go multi-needle machines for their embroidery work. It’s easier to work as an needle worker using these machines as it saves a lot of time and gives you relief from the thread- changing trouble.

One- Touch Operations

So, then’s another introductory and important reason you want to use a multi-needle machine it has a one- touch operation system that allows us to handle it fluently. Everyone will be suitable to operate the machine with this TV screen display. It’ll make them safer and easy to use while working.

You can use the function “ Turn around timekeeper ” if you do n’t want a lapse in making your orders. It’s a unique and effective function that increases its worth in the assiduity.

Easier Hooping

When you’re using a multi-needle machine, it’s much easier to circle with it, indeed larger- sized papers. This machine provides a larger area to the circle, but it has an royal circle attachment. The multi-needle machine has some different types of beds as it contains a free arm. It facilitates you to circle and exaggerate the tight corridor like onesies, collars, and sleeves to circle with a multi-needle machine

You can use clamps and fast frames to the circle while using a multi-needle machine; it makes the use of multi-needle machines much easier and faster than ordinary embroidery machines.

Speed Of Embroidery

The suturing speed of the multi-needle machine can vary from 400 to 1000. It’s nominated “ aches per nanosecond ” or SPM. It can sew 40,00 designs with ten different colors rather than ordinary embroidery machines, which take about twice the attention and time to change the thread color when demanded. Hence it saves a lot of time, giving you ease by not changing thread color every time.

Wireless Connection

This multi-needle machine contains a point of wireless connectivity, which is indeed a handy point. It allows you to place your machine anywhere without allowing about electrical vacuity in that area. Its biggest advantage is that it’s safer to use, with no loss of wiring, machines, lives, and other instruments as it does n’t need to be connected to the power force.


So, we’ve explained numerous of the essential features of the multi-needle machine. I hope it enhances your knowledge of your machine. Buying an embroidery machine digitizing embroidery is a large investment and requires sure that it’ll be suitable and stylish for your business. So I’ll suggest you buy the multi-needle machine, and you’ll no way be dissatisfied.

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