Tips to prevent China wafer check valve failure

Tips to prevent China wafer check valve failure

Today, the industry that uses piping to transport fluids relies on check valves, also known as China wafer check valves. This type of device allows liquid flow in only one direction and prevents backflow. In addition, the opening and closing of these valves depend on the oil pressure. This article describes common problems with these units and tips you can use to prevent them.

In most cases, these units are used in chemical supply pumps, HVAC systems, water supply lines, condensate lines, and steam lines, to name just a few. This component plays an important role in all of these situations, as the backflow of liquid can cause serious damage to the equipment. Therefore, it is advisable to check the symptoms for early detection of potential problems with the device.

General check valve problems

Water hammer

A water hammer is a high-pressure shock wave generated by sudden changes in the direction of the water. Generally, this happens when the check valve suddenly closes due to downstream flow. 


Backflow usually occurs when the unit allows water to return upstream. This can damage equipment such as drain pumps. Backflow to the pump can cause the impeller to rotate in the opposite direction, causing significant damage to the pump.

Improper installation

As with any type of mechanical equipment, improper assembly, maintenance, or installation of a unit can cause a lot of damage to the equipment. During the installation process, the unit must be in the correct orientation. Apart from this, it is important to understand the difference in the operation of different types of valves.

It is also important to consider the flow capacity, valve location, and unit orientation.

Pipeline debris

Lots of debris in the pipeline can clog the check valve. As a result, the valve cannot be opened or closed. Apart from this, debris can also damage internal mechanisms. As a result, valve components can come off.

Other causes of check valve failure include wear of the seat seal and elastomer. Also, if the temperature is too high, it may cause a malfunction.

Preventive measures

If you want to prevent check valve failures and prolong the life of these units, we recommend that you take precautions and perform regular maintenance.

It is important to keep the system clean so that no debris can collect inside the unit. An easy way to do this is to install a filter and a high-quality cover. Apart from this, the system should be flushed regularly to remove the settled debris.

Duck building check valve design and check valve prevention

Check valves design to allow fluid to flow across the pipeline system or port in only one direction. These are reactive valves. That is, it driven by the amount and pressure of fluid present in the system environment. These valves are typically used in backflow prevention applications, flood protection environments, and wastewater treatment entities.

 A prominent alternative to flap gate valves. The new valve featured a Duckville-type internal elastomer sleeve that responded sensitively to changes in fluid pressure. The valve sleeve closes in response to backflow pressure, forming a seal that prevents debris from entering the channel.

Further testing has shown that the Duckville design offers excellent performance in pollutant containment, durability, leak arrest, and various self-cleaning features. Today, Duckville Elastomer Check Valves routinely use in backwater prevention and waterway applications. The curved shape of the internal valve building allows for regular tightly closed positions, providing excellent sealing against debris in backflow applications. Various duck building models design for low-pressure applications and pollution control efforts in larger waterways.

How does the check valve work?

Check valves design to accommodate pressure differences. Throughout the valve life cycle, the pressure of the fluid passing through the valve can be higher than the pressure of the entire valve mechanism. The force of the upstream water creates a high differential pressure throughout the internal valve body, allowing the valve to open and allow forward flow. However, the back flowing water reduces the differential pressure of the entire valve body, causing the Duckville Elastomer valve to bend and close, sealing the debris.

Modern valves engineer to respond to moderate pressure changes. These new valves respond to slight changes in differential pressure from forward- or backflow, which makes them suitable for a variety of environments. In contrast, to check valves with metallic components such as disc check valves, duckbill elastomeric valves require significantly less maintenance – they lack internal metal components that can rust or corrode.

The valve can use for which application?

The pond decorates with freshwater vegetation, as there are many reservoirs in this part of the American Southeast. 

Turbulent weather has proven to be a problem for this store. During heavy rains and high tides, water from the Gulf of Tampa flowed back into the pond, causing the plants to dry up and die.  Since these valves respond to subtle pressure differentials, they proved to be a great solution to prevent saline water backflow.

Duckbill valves are also suitable for a variety of other applications. Others install to control sewer systems and prevent sewer backflow. Yet, others use it to control stormwater, as the retail case study explains; Or, for wastewater treatment applications. Some post-bill models can use in industrial applications, such as corrosive slurry handling, caustic chemical applications, and high-temperature chemical reactions.

These valves do not require a power source or any external action to operate. As a result, they are extremely versatile and extremely durable.

Check valves, types, and uses

Check valves employ in a wide range of piping used for transporting liquids, or gas or liquid is kept separate in the piping. These valves only allow the contents to release from one side. Sometimes it doesn’t have an external handle for them to work, they work automatically based on internal pressure.

Since they use in a variety of industries they make carbon steel, alloy steel, or stainless steel. Depending on the size it is a necessary piece of piping. Although its designs on the basic API 6D standard for various industries.

Cracking pressure consider being the most important criterion for placing valves in piping. It is the pressure that opens the valves and thus it is important to choose the right fit for piping. 

– Prevent reverse flow of liquid or gas content present in the pipe system.

– Protect other components of the pipeline from damage by blocking any backflow.

– Fail flow due to gravity or pressure variation.

Broadly speaking, there are the following types of check valves:

Stop CV: This type of check valve is designed to stop the supply of liquid, water, oil, or gas regardless of the direction of flow. A stop check valve can stop the flow of content regardless of external pressure.

Ball C V – It has a round metal ball to stop the flow. Its uses in pipe systems that carry a gel or liquid material. In some designs, the ball makes of ruby.

Lift-CV: The disc of this valve is lifted to facilitate fluid flow. 

Diaphragm CV:

This valve has a flexible diaphragm that opens or closes depending on the flow and pressure in the pipeline.

In addition to the types mentioned above, there are several other designs of check valves and each type gives birth to a different class, for example, heavy-lift check valves can be replaced with China wafer check valves.

Valves are a huge class and oft use in the chemical, water, oil and gas, electricity, pulp, and paper industries.  Check valves in all applications to prevent the backflow of water or liquid into the piping system.

Thus, you can choose from a variety of design specifications based on industry requirements.

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