Top 10 Educational Apps for iPhone

Top 10 Educational Apps for iPhone

The popularity of the iPhone and iPad has revolutionized education. Notebooks and textbooks are not extinct, but countless students are studying on tablets and smartphones. In addition to students, professionals who do not study in the classroom also use these devices to educate themselves. Apple’s App Store has thousands of educational apps for the iPhone. This app provides entertainment as well as education.

The best iPhone app for learning takes advantage of the most relevant iPhone features and benefits to provide a great learning experience. Improvements in touch technology, internet connectivity, HD screens, and 3D support have made the iPhone one of the best mobile learning devices. This allows developers to create effective educational apps. Let’s take a look at the top 10 best apps for iPhone.

Emotional notes

Taking notes is an important part of education. It is very effective for the purpose of correcting and memorizing interesting and concise memos. The Mental Notes app not only allows you to take notes quickly but also allows you to include images and videos in your notes. Whether your students are trying to process all the information or your teachers are trying to make your class more enjoyable, this app will meet your expectations.

Element: Visual exploration

This application emphasizes the power to develop iPhone learning applications. It takes one of the most difficult and boring things and makes it fun. The user can select any element. The app displays a variety of things made from that material. Students can also rotate the object to see it in a 3D view. Of course, not only photos but also statistics and information columns.

I homework

Schools and college students attend different classes and study different subjects. They need to track different tasks, homework, and exams in different classes. If you are such a student, this app will make your life easier. Just enter the information in the app. Send alerts to remind you while you’re doing your homework.

iStudiez Pro

High school students have many benefits from using this app. This application is designed to meet the specific needs of school students. It provides many features that allow students to handle specific tasks. For example, follow your homework, shorten your schedule, track your grades, and back up your data.


The Ted Conference is the gathering place for the world’s greatest inventors and educators. Download this app to access all the interesting and open-minded speeches by these people. The app doesn’t teach you a specific subject, but you can learn by watching the TED discussions.

iTunes U.

This application was created by Apple. It is packed with excellent teaching materials from the world’s leading universities. If you install this application, you will have access to a large number of topics. For those who believe in self-study, this is one of the best iPhone apps for education.

Shakespeare is not scary

Shakespeare entertained and surprised fans of his generation, and his book has plagued some students. Whether he likes or dislikes him, he needs to study him at some point in his life. This application provides the library of all his plays on mobile. More importantly, it provides a simple translation of his play.

Motion calculation

Learning and practicing math functions and fractions can be a tedious task. Why this educational application is interesting. As the star has fallen from space, we need to push it back into the sky. To do this, you need to move the fraction to the right place. 


This app is a great option not only for kids who want to expand their vocabulary but also for adults who like languages and want to learn more words. Every time you open it, it will teach you a new word. He is asked to use this term at least once a day.


While other learning iPhone apps focus on giving the iPhone access to information and learning new things in a fun way, Edmodo helps teachers and students use technology. Students can use this app to check their grades and manage their assignments.

Currently, the development of the educational iPhone application

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