Top 5 best dex weapons Elden Ring: Dexterity, Ranked

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With countless different weapons in Elden Ring, players can uniquely create their characters. With the list of the top 5 best dex weapons Elden Ring in here, it will provide players with a better overview to choose weapons for their characters. Destructive axes, giant hammers, great spells, and skillful attributes make the weapons powerful and great damage whether you are a heavy-hitter or prefer to dabble in the arcane.

1. The Moonveil with Strength, Dexterity

Moonveil is not only the best katana in the game, but also one of the best weapons overall. It’s based on your intelligence and dexterity, but you don’t have to get crazy high scores in either. It does both physical and magical damage, so can use it against a wide range of enemies.

Moonveil is a katana that can be used with magic. To use it, you need 12 Strengths, 18 Dexterity, and 23 Intelligence. Many people think it’s one of the best melee weapons for any sorcery build because it scales well with Intelligence and builds up blood, which makes it do more damage.

Moonveil is also very strong in PVP because its weapon art is fast and powerful. Moonveil may not do as much damage in a single hit as strength weapons, but it does a steady stream of physical damage, blood loss, and magical damage, making it not just the best dex weapon but also one of the best weapons in the game. The skill Transient Moonlight is what makes Mooveil so good. It fires a wave of magic energy that does a lot of damage.

The only problem with the Moonveil is that it doesn’t have the stats of a typical starting weapon. Still, once you start using it, it won’t be long before you’re able to kill bosses from a safe distance.

2. The Uchigatana – Skill of swordsmen

Even though Elden Ring has a lot of cool boss weapons and secret blades, it’s surprising that the simple Uchigatana is still so useful. Regular smithing stones can make the Uchigatana, and it makes enemies lose blood quickly. It has a great ranged attack and a heavy attack that can be charged up. Its weapon art isn’t very impressive, but it can be replaced with a better Ash of War that makes better use of the weapon’s abilities, like the Occult scaling option.

The Uchigatana is the epitome of old and reliable, and a player can use it to get through all of The Lands Between if they want to. Players who have used the katana in other Souls games will find the Uchigatana easy to use. It’s easy enough to use that one of the game’s new starting classes, the Samurai, can use it as their first weapon. Can also find it in the Deathtouched Catacombs a few minutes east of the entrance to Stormveil Castle (close to the Liurnia shortcut).

3. Morgott’s Cursed Sword – Superior melee weapon

The Cursed Sword of Morgott is one of the better weapons in Elden Ring. To use it, you need a good amount of strength and dexterity, but you also need a high arcane score. To even use the blade, a player will need 14 strength, 35 dexterity, and 17 arcane. This would be a problem if the sword wasn’t very good, but it does a lot of damage and has a skill that no other sword has. When you keep hitting enemies with this blade, they start to bleed out, and the unique weapon skill “Cursed Blood Slice” speeds up this process.

Morgott’s Cursed Sword is slower than some other dex weapons, but it deals huge amounts of damage in a short amount of time. Its punishing blows can make a dex player feel like a real strength build. To get Morgott’s blade from Enia, as the name suggests, players will have to beat him. At the end of the Leyndell, Royal Capital legacy dungeon, you can find Morgott.

4. The Hand of Malenia – An immortal vampire that does massive damage

Elden Ring Hand of Malenia build guide with a Hand of Malenia build that is still insanely good after patch 1.08.1, an immortal vampire that does a lot of damage, and a god-tier dexterity strength meta Malenia build.

Malenia is one of the hardest bosses in Elden Ring, and this weapon is a great reward for beating her. The Hand of Malenia is the strongest katana, and it’s almost as long as the Nagakiba. The weapon can also cause Blood Loss very quickly and has a cool skill that no other weapon has.

Hand of Milenia is a late-game and NG+ weapon, so it takes a lot of Dexterity to use it well. However, this is to be expected since it is a late-game weapon.

Even though Waterfowl Dance might not be the most useful unique skill in the game, it is a lot of fun to use and can quickly take care of groups of weaker enemies. Do a series of one-footed jumps like a duck to unleash a quick but graceful slashing combo. If you hit the button more than once, you can do up to two more attacks.

It’s interesting to note that the player who doesn’t have enough dexterity still can use this skill, but it will be much weaker and slower. Also, it won’t look nearly as nice.

On the bright side, you won’t lose any FP if you use Waterfowl Dance with less than 48 Dexterity. You can use the Hand of Malenia with two hands, but only in NG+.

5. Cross-Naginata – Strength and Dexterity for melee players

Elden Ring is killing it with all these Japanese weapons that a Samurai would be able to use. This time, FromSoft gives us the Cross-Naginata, a fast polearm with a blade that has three points. With the skill “Impaling Thrust” already built in, this weapon is fast and useful in battle.

The Cross-Naginata is in an offshoot chamber in Gael Tunnel. It is guarded by a giant land octopus and her babies. With Blood Grease on it, the Cross-Naginata can make even the strongest enemies bleed to death.

With that, you can get a lot of the Elden Ring Dex Weapons. Please keep in mind that they are not listed in any particular order, and some are better than others. But in the end, it comes down to how you like to play and which weapon fits your style the best. What your favorite weapon is or if you think Elden Ring’s best Dex weapon should be something else?

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