Top 6 Text Marketing Trends You Need to Know For 2023

Top 6 Text Marketing Trends You Need to Know For 2023

Customer demands are changing as we look ahead to the end of 2022. Businesses are constantly looking for creative ways to connect with customers and keep their loyalty. Customers want to be able to contact brands they use instantly and personally.

When compared to other channels, SMS has a proven open rate of 97%, making it the preferred channel for businesses to reach their customers. The use of SMS by many brands to enhance their customer’s overall experience is growing, and both marketing campaigns and the technology itself are constantly developing.

It might be worthwhile to reiterate that SMS will continue to gain popularity, that consumers will receive more texts than ever before, and that more companies are attempting to forge closer ties with their clients by using bulk SMS provider and SMS marketing.

Therefore, let’s start the show. We’ll talk about emerging SMS trends to watch in 2023 and beyond.

1. Personalised Marketing

Consumers expect businesses to provide personalised interactions, and 76% express frustration when they don’t. This is according to McKinsey.

Businesses frequently believe that personalization just involves including the recipient’s name in an email, but it actually covers a lot more. Marketing personalization should be used to tailor the purchasing process. Let 80% of consumers speak for themselves when they say they are more likely to purchase from a company that offers a personalised experience.

Asking your customers to raise their hands and express their preferences is thus one of the best ways to implement personalization.

2. Acceptance of SMS as a Channel for Customer Service

By upholding your brand promise and fostering goodwill, customer service continues to play a significant role in marketing departments. Additionally, due to the convenience and flexibility that texting offers, customers prefer texting customer service representatives to calling them.

SMS can help with a variety of customer service tasks, including:

  • Notifications of order pickup and payment receipts are sent.
  • Supplying delivery tracking data.
  • Scheduling new appointments and sending reminders for existing ones.
  • Answering commonly asked questions.
  • Soliciting opinions on products and services.

Anyone with a mobile device can text customer service to quickly resolve issues without having to wait on hold for hours or be transferred. Faster SMS response times can also increase customer confidence and profit.

3. Increasing Use of Transactional SMS Updates

More customers are choosing SMS to get updates about their purchases and orders, and brands can offer instant value by sending updates like order confirmation and shipping/delivery notifications.

And because customers are already interested, it gives businesses the chance to cross-sell and up-sell for subsequent orders. With features like pay-over-text becoming more prevalent, statistics predicted that customers would choose SMS over email as their preferred method of receiving real-time updates.

4. Lightening Fast Experiences

We reside in an instantaneous world. Our impulsive DoorDash orders arrive at our doorsteps still piping hot, while our Amazon purchases take one or two days to arrive.

These fleeting encounters seep into every aspect of our lives. Businesses in the B2B and B2C sectors will work to keep up in 2023. Whether this is achieved by simplified purchasing procedures, enhanced customer support, or faster shipping. While these facets of the customer experience may not typically fall under the purview of marketin. Growth marketers, who take into account every element of the funnel and customer journey, will undoubtedly be tackling them.

One of the best ways to give clients what they desire as soon as they want it is through chatbots.

5. Growth Through Offers, Sales, and Promotions

SMS is rapidly gaining popularity as a marketing tool because it boasts a staggering 14% conversion rate, which is excellent for generating income through sales.

There are many ways to incorporate text messaging into your marketing plan. Sending SMS is a great way to share advice and short, engaging pieces of content that your customers will enjoy.

Offering customers exclusive discounts and promotions based on their purchasing habits and preferences is another way to keep them loyal to your brand.

6. Advanced Text Message Targeting Using Triggers

Trigger-based messages, also known as auto-reply texts, provide text marketers with a similar advantage to email automation, which has allowed them to scale communications significantly.

You can programme triggers to mark achievements, alert potential customers when a cart is abandoned, or even solicit feedback.

SMS also gives automation a personal touch, increasing the likelihood that your audience will relate to the message and act on it.

Make the best out of Text Trends With Guni

The right software is the first step in a successful SMS campaign. Textedly gives you the flexibility to achieve your objectives whether you’re new to SMS marketing or want to incorporate current mobile marketing trends into your 2023 strategy.

One of the top SMS providers in Australia, Guni, offers straightforward, simple-to-setup SMS solutions so you can immediately begin communicating with your customers.

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