Top 7 Business Schools to Choose for Study MBA in the UK

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Education in Business Schools of UK

UK is considered as home of higher education especially, for Indian students. As you know, UK offers many masters programs and courses to study but, sometimes you choose wrong University to study MBA in UK. So, in this blog, I am listing top 7 Business Schools to choose for study MBA in UK for Indian students and also highlighting cost of MBA in each Business School of UK.

 Top Business Schools in the UK for Study MBA

  1. University of Edinburgh Business School
  2. Cranfield School of Management
  3. City, University of London
  4. Durham University Business School
  5. Alliance Manchester Business School
  6. Imperial College Business School
  7. Warwick Business School

Let’s take Universities one by one and also I am mentioning cost of MBA in UK for each University.

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University of Edinburgh Business School

Edinburgh Business School offers three types of programs to study MBA that is full-time MBA, full-time with international exchange and the last one is executive MBA. Both full-time MBA are of lasts one-year and executive MBA completes in approximately 27 to 28 months. The average education fees for both full-time MBA are £32,500.

Cranfield School of Management

Cranfield Business School of Management offers many programs of MBA and all the programs have different education cost. The programs are full-time MBA, executive MBA, MBA defence and executive MBA export and average cost of all these MBA are £27,000. And the cost of full-time MBA is £39,000. So, this Business School is also a good option and well-known for Executive MBAs.

City, University of London

The 12-month full-time MBA at University of London combines lectures, seminars, live projects, overseas expeditions and international consulting projects. Tuition fees cost £46,000. During the first six months of the course, you will build the basic concepts and knowledge before tailoring the second half of the course to your interests.

Durham University Business School

Durham’s MBA program gives you the option to focus on one of three majors: entrepreneurship, consulting, or technology. The full-time MBA is taken over 12 or 15 months and tuition fees have not yet been announced. The 15-month version gives you the opportunity to learn about a new industry or job, get an internship or prepare to start your own business.

Alliance Manchester Business School

Studying over 12, 15 or 18 months, with options to accelerate or decelerate as you choose at certain points in the course. Tuition fees are currently £45,000. In addition to the full-time MBA, Manchester offers an 18- or 24-month global part-time MBA program that includes three workshops per year.

Imperial College Business School

Imperial’s MBA program includes a Global Experience Week that is a highlight for many students. This is an intensive foreign trip to study business in an international context. The full-time MBA takes 12 months, with tuition fees of £54,500. Among the most recent classes, the average age of students was 28. 43% of students were female and represented 23 nationalities.

Warwick Business School

Warwick Business School’s MBA program gives you the opportunity to attend workshops on client persuasion skills, effective presentations, diversity and culture in global business, impactful applications and interviewing. The full-time MBA is a 12-month course with a tuition fee of £43,950.

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