Do you desire a garden on the balcony in your apartment? Yes, it is the most effective approach to transform your balcony into a stunning and relaxing environment. The most attractive and soothing area to spend your time in is the balcony garden. Conifers, herbs, vegetables, creepers, shrubs, and even small trees can be grown. The balcony garden enhances by flowering plants as well as interesting foliage plants.

In India, these are the best indoor plants online for a balcony garden:

  1. Marigold

Marigold is the finest plant to cultivate in hot regions because it is low-maintenance. It is a common flowering shrub whose flowers are used as decorations.

Temperature: Marigolds require a mild climate to flower profusely. It grows best at temperatures between 18 and 20 degrees Celsius. This plant’s growth and flowering are restricted after 35 OC.

  1. Begonias

This plant may grow in small pots and has beautiful blossoms. It necessitates suitable soil and regular maintenance. The balcony garden can become more dynamic with the addition of lovely flowers. For your balcony garden, this plant is a significant investment.

Direct sunlight does not tolerate by this plant. This plant thrives in partial sunlight.

Water: This plant is harmed by water. As a result, well-drained soil is preferable.

Temperature: Begonias thrive in dimly lit environments.

  1. Pansy

One of the best balconies to buy plants online is pansy. You can grow it in a tiny pot or even in a small wooden box to contribute to the attractiveness of your home. Pansy has a distinct scent and comes in a variety of colours that can mixe with any colour.

For the growth of pansies, indirect light is preferable to direct light.

Water: It necessitates a plentiful supply of water.

Temperature: It thrives in locations with little or no sunshine.

  1. Hyacinth

Hyacinth comes in a variety of colours and is a stunning addition to any balcony garden. Purple, blue, and white hyacinths are among the many colours available. Its modest bulbous size makes it quite appealing. Hyacinth can use as table flowers or decorate the inside of the home.

It thrives in soil that is well-drain and relatively fertile.

This plant needs partial shade or intense sunlight to thrive.

  1. Snake Plant

This plant is great for your balcony because of its decorative appeal. It is incredibly good at air purification and requires very little maintenance. It can thrive even when there is less sunshine available, therefore it can be utilised as a decorative item within the home. To add to the beauty, snake plants should use in groups of two or three.

Light: This plant thrives in both low and high light conditions.

Soil: It may thrive in arid, dry circumstances.

Water: It requires less water. Excessive water can cause the plant to decay. This plant just has to water once every few months during the winter.

  1. Aloe Vera

This “medical plant” is well-known for its medicinal properties, which include skin and body healing, rejuvenation, and soothing. Because of its insect resistance, this plant with fleshy, thick, and serrated edges is best grown indoors. As a result, you won’t have to waste time removing insects from leaves. This is the finest cure for all skin diseases, burns, and cuts.

Soil: It can thrive with a smaller amount of water. As a result, well-drained sandy soils are ideal for the growth of this plant.

This plant prefers to be in the sun, thus it should place in a south or west-facing location.

Water: This plant thrives in arid conditions. So wait till the mud is completely dry before watering this plant.

  1. Creeping Roses

Climbing roses, which are rich in beauty, herald the arrival of lovely modern homes. These lovely climbing roses are a must-have for any balcony. They provide a bright environment. They can grow alongside your balcony or on any kind of support you give them.

Light: This plant needs bright sunlight.

Water: Good supply of water is required.

Soil: Creeping roses prefer a loamy, well-drained soil to thrive in.

  1. Bougainvillaea

This disease- and pest-free shrub is resilient, floriferous, and incredibly showy. As a result, it is suitable as a balcony plant. This plant is typically purple or crimson in colour and consider one of the top quality plants in terms of aesthetics and beauty due to its rich colour and smell content.

To blossom, this plant requires at least 5 hours of direct sunlight per day.

Water: This plant should give only a small amount of water.

You now have all of the information you require to begin your lovely balcony gardens, which will undoubtedly be the envy of your neighbours! So, why wait? Start planting today!

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