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Instagram tips

Social media apps have taken over our lives with the introduction of smartphones and high-speed internet. Numerous global applications such as TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have become the pillars of social media cyberspace, thanks to which we spend countless hours meaninglessly scrolling through posts on our feeds. We get to follow trends, share memes, make new friends online, read about the latest news, and basically do anything that comes to mind thanks to these apps. Instagram, in particular, has become so widely used that almost anyone could have at least one Instagram account nowadays. Some Instagram tips will come in handy for your everyday use. 

Why Instagram Tips Are Important?

That is why it is important to understand the Meta-owned app a bit better by getting to know more about its neat tricks and capabilities to better utilize what it has got to offer. Instagram has certainly come a long way from its humble beginnings as a startup after being taken over by Facebook, which has now moved on to create a bigger parent company named Meta. 

Surely there are numerous top Instagram tips you might not know, as the app has simply got too many features to offer. So if you too want to know more about the app itself, its capabilities, and the tricks and hints about its features, read on as we provide detailed information about some of the most important things you did not know you could do on Instagram. 

Have a Sneak Peak

We have all done it, and there is no shame in accepting that we have done it. Stalking a celebrity, a crush, a celebrity crush, and literally any account on Instagram is perhaps one of the best things about the app in general. Getting updates on a person without having to interact with them in any way, shape or form has been the pinnacle of the so-called “social” media, and we are glad we can still do this. But perhaps sometimes this feature could get out of control as we get to find newer ways of stalking those whom we care about in some weird way. 

One of the dangers of doing so is getting caught while stalking

This could happen by accidentally liking one of their older posts, which could suggest that you are, in fact, stalking the said person in a non-threatening way. Of course, that does not make it any less embarrassing, and we would all give anything to take away that mistake back. While there is an option to simply post on Instagram, the app is not smart enough to understand what you are doing and why you are doing it, which is why it will still notify that person about your mistake, punishing you in the process. 

Suppose you want to avoid making such silly mistakes while scrolling through hundreds of your crush’s photos. In that case, you can simply load dozens of their posts, turn on airplane mode and take a closer look at all the downloaded posts without fear of accidentally liking a post. Even if you like their posts, nothing will happen as you are offline and cannot interact with Instagram servers. 

How to Turn On Airplane mode on iOS?

To turn on airplane mode on iOS, swipe up and select the airplane icon. You can also turn it on by going to “Settings,” selecting “Wi-Fi,” and tapping on “Airplane Mode.” If you are an android user, you can swipe down from the top of your phone screen and tap on the airplane icon. 

Clear Instagram Cache

You can follow the guide provided on how to clear Instagram cache if you want to know how you can get rid of all that cache that is taking up your phone space. While the cache is supposed to help your phone run more smoothly by saving essential data and information from all your apps so that your phone can run them at a much quicker pace, it could also lead to your phone slowing down thanks to the immense amount of cache that gets stored on the internal storage. This is one of the best Instagram tips that come in handy if you specially don’t have enough space on your device. 

Clear Search History

While many of us might be ashamed of our browser search history, others are also ashamed of our Instagram search history for different reasons. From looking up certain people for “research purposes” to simply tending to your guilty pleasure, you might want to keep your search history a secret by cleaning up the mess you might make in the process. In order to properly clear the search history on Instagram, you only need to tap on the magnifying glass icon, then tap on the search bar and choose the blue “See All” option, after which you will have the ability to clear your entire search history by simply tapping on “Clear All,” which also comes in blue. 

Create Collection Folders

It has been a while since we got the feature that allows us to save posts on Instagram without having to save them on our phones. Thanks to this feature, you can return to the posts you like or did not have the time to see immediately. But saving all the posts in a single folder could get real messy real soon, and that is why you can also organize your saved posts into different folders for your own convenience. 

In order to arrange saved items into collection folders, go to your profile and tap on the three-line menu at the top-right corner of your screen. Now select the Saved option, which appears next to a bookmark icon. Tap the “+” button to create a new folder and enter a name for it. Now you can save posts in any of the folders you have created by simply choosing which folder a post should go to when you tap on the bookmark icon. 


Instagram is a vast and complicated social media app that has numerous features you might now know about. We tried to provide information about some of the neat tricks you can try in order to better utilize the app on your smartphone. From clearing the cache and the search history to creating a collection folder for your own convenience, you have the freedom to explore the uncharted territories of the social media app through these simple tricks. So get back to business and give these little tricks a try, as they will surely come in handy in the first few minutes of you scrolling through thousands of posts on your feed. We hope you can use these Instagram tips and get your posting game updated. 

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