Top Reasons to Pursue PGDM over Masters

Reasons to pursue PGDM over Masters

What is a Masters Degree?

After completing an undergraduate degree, students enrol in a postgraduate or masters course that lasts two years. With a highly recognised UK postgraduate degree, international students can thus save time, money, and start their careers much sooner.

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Why should I pursue a Masters degree in the UK?

Employers highly value postgraduate degrees from the and for international students studying, it is an excellent chance to sharpen your English skills and become a part of a vibrant, multicultural community of academics and students. When you study a Masters degree you:

  • Boost your chances for employment
  • Obtain a credential that is recognised worldwide.
  • You will make more money throughout the course for your career.
  • A Masters is preffered over Diplomas with appropriate skills.

What is PGDM?

A research-based, course-based, or combined curriculum is available for the one- to two-year full-time PGDM degree. Many different specialties, fields, and courses are available at the majority of universities that offer PGDM programmes. This makes it easier for international applicants to find a programme that suits their tastes.

A PGDM Course is an option for students who desire to pursue a career in management.

For those who can manage and lead teams, this training guarantees good pay. People with strong leadership skills ought to enrol in the PGDM programme.

PGDM offers students a fantastic opportunity to change their professional path into anything that may interest them because it welcomes students from all disciplines. A Post Graduate diploma is Data Science is well-liked among international students.

Many students enrol in PGDM programmes in order to develop their careers or to fill managerial or administrative roles. You shouldn’t attempt to accomplish both at once since you risk becoming overextended and lacking the support of relevant job experience in the new position.

Almost any student or professional in the workforce can pursue PGDM online and distance learning. This benefits professionals or students who are limited by time and resources.

Since PGDM Colleges do not discriminate on the basis of age, professionals with significant job experience have the opportunity to advance.

PG Diploma and Masters Comparison

  • Study Time: Depending on the curriculum, it could take one to two years to acquire a PG diploma. The 1.5–2 year course-based master’s programme is completed. Two years are required for thesis-based master’s programmes.
  • Fees for a master’s degree are higher than those for a diploma in terms of tuition. A master’s degree costs between $13,500 and $25,000, and a postgraduate diploma costs between $7,500 and $20,000 annually.
  • IELTS: For master’s programmes, you need 6.5 bands overall and 6.5 bands in each module. For the Post-Graduation diploma, 6.5 bands overall and 6 bands in each module are required.
  • Two letters of recommendation are needed for a master’s degree, while none are needed for a postgraduate diploma.
  • Universities offer master’s degrees. Colleges offer PG Diplomas


Core subjects in both the Masters and PGDM programmes are the same. However, other professionals assert that rather than taking a practical approach, the majority of Masters courses place a greater emphasis on specialization on the theoretical and technical parts. On the other hand, PGDM courses have an industry orientation and place a greater emphasis on skills based on market requirements.

It has been noted that most PGDM programmes charge lesser tuition than Masters programmes. But there are heavy amount of scholarships available for Masters programs, this may be the case because most Masters programmes are offered by government-approved universities. Government subsidies and financial aid are provided to certain colleges, making degrees more affordable for students. There are rarely any scholarships available for PG Diplomas. 

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