Top WordPress Server Requirements to Consider

Top WordPress Server Requirements to Consider

WordPress has become a top CMS (Content Management Platform) used by millions to create and manage websites. According to statistics, over 1.98 billion websites are on the internet, and 835 million of these sites use WordPress. This is because the platform provides maximum ease when creating and managing the site content. While it’s easy to use this CMS, running it in optimal condition is the concern most site owners raise.

The optimal performance of a WordPress website is not only ensured by how well it is optimized. But it also depends on the server’s hardware that is being utilized to run the website. Depending on the nature of your website, it might rely on different server resources to ensure peak performance. Therefore, investing in a reliable and powerful server is equally important as investing in the development of your site.

Let’s dig deeper into the topic and learn more about top WordPress server requirements to consider.

5 Server Requirements of WordPress You Shouldn’t Overlook

For your WordPress site to keep the customers hooked, it must provide a seamless user experience. Therefore, a seamless user experience  only guarantee when your website has sufficient server resources to rely on. Any site requirement that isn’t fulfilled can drastically affect your conversion rate and increase your bounce rate. Let’s learn more about these requirements and how to create optimal WordPress conditions.

Scroll down to explore 5 server requirements you must ensure before buying.

1. Number of Cores

The processing unit of your server determines how many processes can be handled and also evaluates the speed for those processes. Today, many site owners think that using modern-day CPUs can ensure the top performance of their website. While the latest CPUs are comparatively more powerful, they can’t work single-handedly. Specifically when your website is content-rich and uses an array of WordPress plugins.

That’s why you need more than one core to run your WP site to ensure a seamless browsing experience. More cores increase your server’s potential and allow it to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. This means a server with multiple cores will run better and improve your site’s overall performance. However, most hosting plans come with a limited number of cores. Due to this, companies opt for VPS hosting Dubai solutions to acquire a powerful server with multiple cores.

2. PHP Memory Limit

For WordPress users, along with several CPU cores, the PHP memory limit is also a crucial factor to consider. The PHP memory limit determines the speed of your WordPress site’s various functions. This is because this memory reserve only to support the executions of PHP-based processes.

A lower PHP memory limit may prevent you from running a site with many content and plugins. According to WordPress, the ideal PHP memory limit must be at least 62 MB. If you run a media-rich content website, you should go for 128 MB. However, a 256 MB plan might be enough for your site needs if you have greater needs.

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3. SSDs Over HDDs

Most website owners overlook this factor, and later on, they complain about poor website performance. Just like the CPUs are responsible for handling multiple tasks with a certain speed, the disk has a similar role. This is because it controls how quickly the data can loade to the CPU. This is why you can’t expect top performance for your site if you still use old-school disks like HDDs.

SSDs, on the other hand, are modern-day inventions that promise comparatively better speed than HDDs. These disks don’t get overheated frequently as HDDs do, which is why they ensure consistency in server performance. Therefore, if your server uses SSDs, the stored content loads swiftly and enhances your website’s user experience.

4. RAM and Server Location

RAM plays a vital role in maintaining your server’s peak performance. RAM is used to quickly access the store data whenever the CPU requires it. The job of RAM is to load data faster than the SSDs and HDDs. This is why the higher the RAM is, the more quickly the server will process the tasks initiated by users. Sufficient RAM is important for WordPress websites using various tools and plugins.

Most business owners neglect to check the location of the server before buying. As a result, the local audience gets high latency when they browse your website. This can massively affect your website speed, specifically when most of your audience is local. Considering this, it’s important to consult the hosting provider before buying the service. You can get in touch with VPS hosting Dubai services to provide you with the best server in an ideal location.

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Are You Looking for a Powerful WordPress Server?

WordPress requires a powerful server to ensure the top performance of your website. You can get a reliable server that fulfills your website needs and enhances your user experience. Contact professional hosting providers now to get a server that ensures optimal performance for WordPress.

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