Troubleshooting Tips for Overcoming Mozilla Thunderbird Hurdles


Users can connect to their email accounts utilizing Thunderbird, an open-source email manager from Mozilla, using a variety of technologies like SMTP and IMAP. You can use it to access emails regularly by install it on your desktop. If you wish to use Thunderbird to access all of your accounts at once after connecting multiple of them, With different folders, you can divide mailboxes.


Thunderbird is less likely to be able to get over any email communication issues if you regularly boost Windows and have a dependable antivirus program installed on your machine. Furthermore, the behavior of a damaged desktop app can impact your mailbox’s capacity to send or receive emails. In this post, we’ll familiarize you with several frequent issues that affect Mozilla Thunderbird in its entirety. If you are participating in troubles similar to these using Thunderbird, make sure you follow the whole methodology to protect your email account.

Typical Issues with Thunderbird

#1: I can’t seem to get any fresh emails.

When you get new emails from Thunderbird, they are easily identifiable since they are presented in the board’s colors. After reading the email by clicking the link, look for any attachments. You should check your account’s settings and then reset it if you think that email isn’t being received by your account.

  • Select Tools after launching the application. To access it, choose Account Settings.
  • Go to Server Settings from your user account. You can check for incorrect settings in several areas, such as the server name and authentication method, daily and minutely checking for new messages, activating quick server notifications upon receiving an update, and so forth.
  • After resetting these parameters, launch your software again.

2. Emails Cannot be Sent.

An email created by the user and sent to an account that is not connected to the system will be held in the inbox or outbox until it is fully processed. Following that, it gets kept in the Sent folder. It means that you need to check the outgoing server settings since your email account isn’t sending emails if it stays in your outbox.

Two possible reasons can be that your Internet service provider is blocking Port 25 or that you have changed the Thunderbird account settings.

  • On the account settings page, Verify that all of the settings, including the outgoing and incoming email servers, the username, and the password, are entered correctly.
  • Set the port of an active SMTP server to 25.

3. Emails Cannot be Deleted

The deleted emails are stored in the trash folders for a little while but are not completely removed from the inbox. After that, they are eliminated. You must resolve the problem if Outlook isn’t cleaning the trash or junk folder when it comes to old communications.

By going to the Troubleshooting page, you can access the profile directory. For the menu to appear, you must first choose three parallel lines, after which you must choose Help.

  • To learn more about troubleshooting, click the link.
  • Within the Profile Folder category, click to access the folder.
  • All of the profile data is kept in a drive folder that is opened.
  • Note: Before removing the trash file, you should close the Mozilla Thunderbird program.
  • To delete something from your profile, select Trash or Trash.msf.
  • Launch the Thunderbird program again. The account’s trash folder will be created by it.

#4. Is Unable to Use Encryption

The Thunderbird encryption situation indicates that there are technical problems with the server that prevent encryption from working. The account is vulnerable to a range of cyberattacks, including hacking, phishing, and eavesdropping, due to the lack of encryption.

  • Guide to the server settings inside your account’s settings.
  • Before reverting to 993, confirm the port number.
  • To choose the normal password mode in contact safety, click the drop-down option.
  • Pivot Thunderbird is back on.

#5. There was an Abrupt Crash of the Application

Rapid program crashes that prevent users from accessing their accounts are not uncommon. If the application crashes after failing to open, there can be a corruption problem with the program. It is advised to remove the application and then download it again. All accounts will, however, be erased, and you will need to start them all over again.

In Summary,

Users have found solutions to many issues with Mozilla Thunderbird thanks to the helpful settings choices included in your account’s settings. It can control server configurations, garbage end-to-end encryption settings, the composition of copies and folders, and address storage and synchronization. It can change the environment that an account uses, but if the application is damaged and the account isn’t working, the account won’t work.

Use a professional GainTools MBOX to PST Converter Software to safeguard the security of your account’s mailboxes. This software will recover mail and save it in a different format or platform. To get all the information back, you must attempt the various troubleshooting methods or a professional’s repair process if you run into any of the difficulties listed.

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