TVS Raider 125 vs Bajaj Pulsar 125 Comparison

One of the brand’s newest products is the TVS Raider 125. It is a 125-cc commuter motorbike, yet it uniquely does several tasks. The Raider immediately competes with the Pulsar 125, one of the most recognizable motorcycles now available in the Indian market.

With the brand-new TVS Raider, TVS Motor Company has made a comeback in the 125cc motorbike market in India. The new Raider 125 has a stunning appearance and has several industry-first innovations. It is highly distinctive and distinguishes itself from its competitors, who are mainly high-end commuters.

But Bajaj Auto has recently introduced the new Pulsar 125 in India

A bare-chested streetfighter that directly competes with the TVS Raider 125. How do these brand-new 125cc motorcycles compare to one another? In this specification-based analysis of the new TVs 125 and Bajaj Pulsar 125, we will learn that.

The Bajaj Pulsar 125 price and TVS Raider 125 both have ex-showroom pricing of 82,713 and 90,524, respectively. The Bajaj Pulsar 125 comes in three colours and six varieties, whereas the TVS 125 comes in four colours and three variations. In addition to costs, you may compare these motorcycles based on their displacement, mileage, efficiency, and a variety of other factors. To assist people in choosing wisely between the Bajaj Pulsar 125 and the TVS 125, comparisons between both Bajaj Bikes and TVS bikes have been made.


The Pulsar 125 resembles the Pulsar 150 and other Pulsar models. Wolf-eye headlight, angular LED tail lamp, and bulky gasoline tank with tank shrouds are all present. Even if the motorbike may not appear current by today’s standards, it nevertheless has a respectable road presence and does not look awful.
However, Raider is a new perspective on how commuter motorcycles don’t have to be boring. It has a contemporary appearance. It has a belly pan, a powerful fuel tank, an LED tail lamp, and an LED headlamp featuring LED Daytime Running Lamps. The TVS Raider most certainly does not resemble your typical 125cc commuter motorbike.

Engine Specifications

A 124.8cc air/oil-cooled single-cylinder engine including an ISG drives the TVS Raider (Integrated Starter Generator). The engine has two riding modes, Eco and Power, and a three-valve distribution system. Both 11.1 bhp and 11.2 Nm of torque are produced by the engine. The engine and 5-speed gearbox are matched by TVS.

According to TVS, the Raider could sprint from 0 to 60 kilometres per hour in just 5.9 seconds. Additionally, the urban motorbike has a peak speed of 99 kmph.
The Bajaj Pulsar 125 is powered by a 124.45cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine. The DTS-i Ei engine has a four-valve distribution system, which contributes to its ability to generate 11.6 bhp and 11 Nm of torque. The five-speed transmission is included with the electronic injection engine.

Brakes and Suspension

The TVS Raider has a single down-tube chassis and traditional telescopic front forks as its suspension system. The bike has a gas-charged, 5-step-adjustable mono-shock suspension in the back. The Pulsar 125, on the other hand, has a perimeter frame with a monoshock at the back and a traditional telescopic front fork suspension.

The Raider has a single 240mm front disc and a 130mm rear drum. Additionally, a 240mm single disc and a 130mm drum are included with the Pulsar 125. The gasoline tank capacity of the 125 is 12 litres, compared to 10 litres for the Raider. The wheels on both motorcycles are 17-inch alloy wheels with tubeless tires. Compare Bikes in India more thoroughly at autoX.


The TVS is unquestionably superior to the Pulsar 125 in terms of features. The Raider has a clock, under-seat storage, LED illumination, an extra USB port, Bluetooth connectivity and turn-by-turn navigation, a reverse LCD, or a 5-inch TFT screen.
Some individuals still like the tachometer-equipped semi-digital instrument cluster of the Pulsar 125. Other than the tail lights, no LED illumination is available. There are also illuminated switches, which are not often available on bikes.

Price and Variations

Only one version of the Pulsar 125 is available globally, and it is now available in India. The Pulsar 125 price is Rs 98,234, ex-showroom Delhi. The costs for the two TVs Raider 125 models, Drum and Disc, are Rs 77,500 & Rs 85,469, respectively, all ex-showroom Delhi. At this pricing, the TVS Raider 125’s disc edition delivers a sporty look, strong performance, and several class-leading features while being around 13,000 rupees less expensive than the Pulsar 125. So, what would be your choice?

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