Understanding WCAG Compliance: What It Is and Why It Matters

WCAG Compliance

WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) refers to the guidelines and standards for website accessibility. This is created by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), containing the easiest ways to make your website usable for all customers, including those with disabilities.

By following these guidelines, you are certain that your website and online content can reach the widest possible audience as it is accessible.

What is WCAG Compliance?

Web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) compliance is to make sure that your web content is accessible to people, regardless of their abilities. This involves a wide range of disabilities, such as auditory, visual, speech, physical, language, cognitive, learning, language, and neurological disabilities.

Although the guidelines cover the maximum number of disabilities, there are still some disabilities that are not covered under the guidelines yet. These standards make the content usable to the ones who are aging, due to which their abilities are changing.

What are the Levels of WCAG 2.0?

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 has three levels, as mentioned below:

  • Level A (Lowest): Some of the requirements of Level A compliance include keyboard navigation, use of alternative text, video captions, and no keyboard traps.
  • Level AA (Intermediate): This level of accessibility includes color contrast, proper alt text to define images, forms fields with accurate labels, Keyboard navigation, content accessibility through a screen reader, and proper heading usage.
  • Level AAA (Highest): this is the highest level of accessibility that includes sign language interpretation for audio and video content, a color contrast ratio of 7:1, context sensitivity help provided, and timing is not an essential part of any activity.

These levels have different accessibility criteria to ensure the status of accessibility. And the minimum requirement for accessibility is to reach Level AA. And understanding these levels under WCAG 2.0 compliance is important as they help you make changes to your website and improve your online presence.

Why WCAG Compliance Matters?

WCAG compliance solutions matter because they come with a lot of benefits, some of which are mentioned below:

  • It helps to make yourself a user-friendly website.

    By implementing accessibility, you ensure your website supports screen readers for people with vision impairments. Tap into a larger customer base and revenue by including those who were previously excluded.

  • Making your website accessible lets you reach new demographics, as now you are able to reach audiences who are not generally able to access the content, product, and services on maximum sites. So, in a way, you will be able to generate potential revenue with new customers.
  • It also helps in creating an inclusive work environment, as post-COVID most of the work has been practically diverted through digital channels. Your website will not be accessed by other people but also by your employees. Practicing diversity in workplaces is important, and it teaches us the value that people of all races and ethnicities are equal in every aspect. 
  • Digital accessibility services also allow you to avoid litigations, as there have been many instances in the past where non-conformance to WCAG compliance guidelines has led to serious legal penalties against companies, resulting in a loss of reputation. Therefore, website accessibility services are important to take the necessary steps to ensure your website accessibility.
  • With the help of WCAG compliance solutions, you also get the point of benefit as it helps you improve your SEO score. Proper alt text, descriptive link text, and optimized headers enhance your website’s on-page optimization. Undertaking these measures will serve a dual intention of keeping your website users as well as SEO satisfied.

How You Can Achieve WCAG Compliance

You can achieve WCAG compliance in several ways, such as using automated tools or manual testing. And some of the best practices to ensure accessibility includes:

  • Headers and text should stand out as per the background of the site
  • Ensuring the minimum color contrast ratio is 3:1
  • The color contrast between text and its background ratio should be 5:1 or more
  • Adding alternative texts to all the visual elements like images, videos, gifs, and animations.
  • The content should be clear, precise, and concise.
  • If you are offering international services, ensure the translation is possible of your website
  • Make sure that your site can work without CSS
  • Giving a choice to users to turn off video/gif content
  • Use text descriptions for hyperlinks
  • Adding proper labels to the form and allowing form controls with keyboard navigation
  • Allowing people to turn off or remap the keyboard shortcuts by using a non-printable keyboard.

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This blog emphasizes the significance of digital accessibility services, reaching a wider audience, and improving user experience through WCAG compliance solutions. It covers WCAG levels, the importance of compliance, and achieving WCAG standards.


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