What are the different suites under Tableau Training?

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Tableau includes products mainly for online data processing, data visualization, and presentation. Among different data analysis activities, Tableau focuses usually on data visualizations. In terms of the user group, it however suits both data analysts and business users. You can start your journey in tableau with, Tableau Online Training in Oman for easy learning. When you talk about its analytical interface, Tableau requires almost no coding knowledge for data querying and data creation. Besides, Tableau also supports sharing information across the organizational structure with the help of dedicated servers. The Tableau product suite presents a toolset for managing server/data/meta-data

Tableau Different Products Suite 

  • Tableau Desktop – Tableau Desktop basically helps in the coding and modification of reports. This includes the creation of charts and reports, and also the task of combining them together. You can save the workbooks and dashboards created here, either locally or publicly.

Tableau Desktop further divides into two types. They are;

Tableau Desktop Personal: In this version, the data has limited accessibility, and the workbook is also private.

Tableau Desktop Professional: In this version, you can either save the work in the Tableau Server or publish it online. It supports full access to the data type. If you want to publish your work on the Tableau Server, this version is moreover better for you.

  • Tableau Public – This Tableau version is specially built for users who like to save their money. The workbooks made in Tableau Public are further saved to the public cloud. Anyone can access, view, and download the respective workbooks. If you want to share your workbooks, dashboards, and data with the public, then Tableau Public suits better for you.
  • Tableau Server – The visualizations and workbooks created in the Tableau Desktop application are shared across the organization using Tableau Server. To share your work in Tableau Server, it needs to be first published on Tableau Desktop. However, only authorized users who have login credentials can access the workbook. You do not need to install the Tableau Servers on the user’s machine; only the login credentials can verify the reports. Tableau Server has high security and its further aids in effective and convenient data-sharing in the organization.
  • Tableau Online – The usage and functions of Tableau Online and Tableau Server are someway alike. However, unlike Tableau Server, the Tableau group maintains the cloud that usually hosts the servers which have the data in Tableau Online. The data that comes out of Tableau Online or Tableau Server supports web applications such as Google Analytics and Salesforce.com.

You can publish data in Tableau Online without worrying about any storage limitations. It can link up to 40 different data sources hosted in the cloud-like Hive, Amazon, MySQL, and Spark SQL. Through Tableau Online, you get a direct link to over 35 such data sources. To broadcast the data, both Tableau Online and Tableau Server require the workbooks from Tableau Desktop.

  • Tableau Reader – It is a free tool that enables users to view or filter existing workbooks. Though the data can be filtered, there are further restrictions on editing and any modifications. Any person using Tableau Reader can view the workbook, and hence, the security level is zero. To view or read the documents, the reader must have access to Tableau Reader.


Choosing Tableau guarantees a wide functionality for visualizing different types of data and sharing it across users. With all possible extensions and modifications, Tableau certainly suits businesses of all sizes. As Tableau has specific functions such as generating worksheets, it is easily accessible and requires no technical background. It’s moreover useful in business applications. To access the benefits of tableau, you can take Tableau Online Course in Saudi Arabia for easy and convenient learning. Also, Tableau saves a lot of time in creating data visualization and gives very fast and also accurate results.

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