Having dull, dry, and wrinkled skin due to internal and external factors. Then no need to worry now because with the advancement in the field of cosmetics we have an amazing and minimally invasive treatment for you which is known as PRP treatment. Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is gaining popularity with each passing day because it can be used to treat a variety of concerns such as acne scars, early signs of ageing, hair loss, and skin rejuvenation. This is a simple procedure with no side effects associated with it. PRP in Islamabad provides amazing results to patients without undergoing any surgical procedure. Learn more about What Does PRP Do? by reading the following article.

What is a PRP Treatment?

In PRP therapy, the skin experts draw out blood from the patient’s body and separate the platelets-rich plasma from the blood by spinning it in a centrifugal machine at a high speed. After that, he may add more growth factors and stem cells to increase the efficiency of the results. After that, the blood is injected back into the targeted area of the skin. This will increase the collagen production of the body and will increase the natural production of cells. After getting a few sessions of PRP your skin will become more elastic and your hair loss problem will also be resolved.

Use of PRP:

The PRP can be used to treat many different types of concerns. Some of the uses of PRP are as follows:

  • It helps in rejuvenating skin
  • It helps to treat hair loss problem
  • It can reduce the acne scars
  • It treats the neckbands
  • It is also used for adding thickness to the hair
  • It also treats the wounds
  • Sports injuries can also be treated by it

Treatment for Hair:

The PRP treatment for hair loss is performed in a few simple steps. During this, the blood is drawn and then plasma-rich blood is separated. After that, the skin expert injects it into the scalp with injections having microneedles to minimise the discomfort. This will boost natural hair growth. The number of sessions for the treatment depends on the severity of the hair loss. Usually, a person needs 3 to 5 sessions to get the desired results.

Treatment for Face:

The PRP for the face is also a painless procedure, the PRP is prepared in the same way. After that, the dermatologist applies a numbing cream or local anaesthesia to reduce the pain. The injections are then injected into the dermis layer of the skin. After getting a few sessions of it your skin will become flawless and you will see that your wrinkles and fine lines also started reducing. The results of the treatment are long-lasting but in the future, if you want to maintain the results then you can get a follow-up session.

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Final Thoughts!

PRP Therapy can do wonders for your skin and hair if it is performed in the right way. So make sure you choose a well-reputed clinic like the Glamorous Clinic which has highly skilled skin specialists and doctors. They will listen to all your desired goals and will perform the treatment in the best way to satisfy their patients.

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