What Embroidery Machines Needles Should Be Used | 3 Best Types

embroidery machine needle

It is a known proven fact that machine needles are an absolute requirement for machine embroidery. Sometimes choosing the simplest one looks as if a difficult task. We bring you complete information on styles of machine needles and what to contemplate while searching for an embroidery machine.


But before buying it, there are some points you would like to stay in mind. you want to know your sewing machine’s capacity, the fabric, the thread for embroidery, and therefore the stabilizer.

These are the common factors that decide the precise point and size of your embroidery machine needle. If you utilize the right one, it’ll make your embroidery go clean and smooth with minimal thread breaks.

Types of Embroidery Machine Needles

The common varieties of embroidery machine needles, have rounded tips and a universal point. It fits most kinds of stabilizers and fabrics. the scale also matters for perfect and crisper embroidery. the dimensions may vary, but it ranges between 70-110mm. the simplest needle always includes a lower number, so choose wisely. The measure also depends on the stabilizer, thread, and fabric you’re using for embroidery.

If you’re functioning on heavy and dense material, you ought to use titanium embroidery machine needles because they’re of prime quality and simply penetrate into the material without breakage or losing shape. And also know more about embroidery machine needle.

More efficiently

These work more efficiently than other chromium-plated ones, which break easily. you must also consider your embroidery machine; otherwise, it’ll create a hindrance because needle requirements differ reckoning on the particular brand you’re using.

Keep in mind the weave and therefore the weight of the needle you’re visiting use, the machine’s features, the density of the embroidery design, the stabilizer, the weave, and also the importance of the fabric and therefore the thread for efficient work.

Perfect Durability Embroidery Machine Needles

These needles are an ideal suited you performing on abusive material with heavy design patterns. they’re wear-resistant and are made from ceramic titanium. Using a perfect durability needle helps you in smooth embroidery with fewer defects and increased productivity.

Ball Point Embroidery Machine Needles

We recommend you using ballpoint needles when performing on woven or loose fabric. Using a standard one for delicate woven and loose clothes creates an enormous hole in them, damaging fabric quality.

It is recommended to use a skinny needle for a soft material to take care of its quality. Ballpoint needles work near woven fabric without creating a hole and maintaining the standard of it. And Check out zdigitizing custom embroidery digitizing.

Cool Sew Needles

These were produced to scale back needle problems from given conditions discussed below:

  • The buildup of warmth from chemically treated heavy material or synthetic fabric.
  • Fabric sticking to the attention or surface of the needle.
  • Frequently breaking of thread from friction in parts of the needle.

In chemically treated or synthetic fabric, friction could be a big problem between the fabric and also the needle. it should build up heat in it, which might fuse or melt the material. the matter is pervasive, but you’ll be able to overcome this condition by using cool textile machine needles. They solve the problem preventing it from recurring.

Best Advice For Embroidery Machine Needles

There aren’t any written rules for choosing embroidery machine needles, but some points will facilitate your within the future. the primary thing is while managing delicate and lighter material, employing a thin and smaller needle like batiste and dealing on rigid and heavier fabric an oversized needle like canvas will facilitate your get through the fabric.

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