What is a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science?


BSCS (Bachelor’s of Computer science ) is a 4-year degree program with 8 semesters. It is a versatile degree program that prepares its students for vast careers in computers and IT (Information Technology). The CS bachelor’s comprises coursework in programming, data structure, algorithms, and computation.

Students can choose from a variety of different courses like data communications, software testing, computer networking, etc as their electives and specializations. Students also opt for AI (Artificial Intelligence), information theory, human-computer interaction, computer graphics, etc. BSCS scope is what we will figure out in this article. Let’s get into it.

BSCS Scope In Pakistan

The BSCS Scope can not ignore because in the coming years there won’t be any business that will be successful without the use of computers. For every business, a team of computer experts has become a need. The modern age is the age of computers and the internet. Every business wants to have an intriguing online presence. With the high demand for computer specialists, the scope of the Bachelor of Computer Science (BSCS) has increased sufficiently.

Just like every other country in the world, BSCS scope in Pakistan has also increased sufficiently. Every industry is thriving to get their business toward automation, which is done via computer programs. This manifests the significance of computer experts. Many new technologies like cyber security etc need computer experts.

Jobs for BSCS Graduates

Graduates of BSCS can pursue different technology-related careers. These careers can be web development, computer system analysis, computer support specialist, etc. Many companies are open to entry-level jobs and require applicants to hold a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and IT. BSCS scope paves way for students to work as software developers, hardware engineers, database administrators, or network architects post-degree.

After graduation students can also go for internships. You can even work as a computer intern in your own university’s research and development department. There are many other IT companies and software houses where you can apply. BSCS scope is vast and you’ll find different opportunities if you look closely.

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Is BS in Computer Science Worth It?

BSCS scope in Pakistan is said to have declined with the rising number of BSCS graduates. That is somewhat true that it has become difficult for students to find employment after graduation but that is not because of the lack of scope. Pakistan is suffering from unemployment on a whole level.

Hence, this has nothing to do with the sort of education for one to find it difficult to get employed. In BSCS students learn coding and functions required to develop software and websites. For girls especially, who don’t like field work or are passionate to work with computers can opt for this degree. CS came as an education discipline way earlier than other software and computer disciplines. Therefore, its courses are very efficient and outlined.

What is the future of a BSCS in Pakistan?

BSCS scope in Pakistan is growing way faster than ever. However, the market overload with computer science graduates. But science doesn’t stop, opportunities don’t either. If there are no opportunities in the market you can create some for yourself. Independent jobs are always there as an option. There are many people who make handsome money on sites like Fiverr or other freelancing sites. You should learn more about CS before opting for it. If you are career oriented and passionate about computers, then this field is just for you.

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