What is a specialized SEO agency?

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A specialized SEO agency is a company that is dedicated to improving the positioning and visibility of its clients in search engines (in a country and mainly Google). The objective is to ensure that your brands, products, and websites appear among the first search results when users enter related terms as say the SEO agency agencia seo.

The web positioning depends on a multitude of factors, therefore. It is normal that within an SEO agency we find professionals specialized in various areas such as:

Content creation. The articles of a blog, the different pages of a website. The product descriptions in e-commerce. And even the YouTube videos of a brand channel must be properly optimized to improve positioning.

SEO on page: This includes aspects such as titles and descriptions or the structure of the pages. It also covers different technical aspects. Such as ensuring a good loading speed and avoiding duplicate URLs.

User experience: We must not forget that the audience of web pages are people. Not robots. Therefore, SEO and UX must always go hand in hand.

Seo off-page. It is mainly focused on improving the reputation of a website by creating quality inbound links.

A summary of what an SEO agency is

An SEO agency is in charge of positioning websites on Google to bring more visitors and customers to your business.

Years of experience and testimonials will give you useful information and help you know if an agency is the right one.

Keep in mind your goals, and how much budget and time you have available to see results.

If possible, look for an SEO agency that offers 360º Marketing services.

Find out what their work methodology is because this will determine the success of the campaigns.

How to choose a specialized SEO agency

Unfortunately, not all companies that sell themselves as specialized SEO agencies are able to offer a quality service. That is why, in order to know what an SEO agency is, it is necessary to know some characteristics that this type of specialized agency should have:

Comprehensive services: As we have mentioned, SEO covers different aspects, some more technical and others more related to marketing and content. A good SEO agency should be able to cover all the bases to offer complete assistance.

Clarity: SEO techniques can become very complex, but the SEO agency has to be responsible for being able to explain to the client at all times what they are doing and why, in a way that is easily understandable.

Smooth communication: The agency should at all times inform the client of what they are doing, send them periodic reports, and be available to be able to resolve their doubts as they arise.

Personalization: Each client’s situation and needs are unique, so cut-and-paste solutions are no good. The work plan and budget should always be customized.

Now that we have seen what we should look for in an SEO agency. Let’s discuss some characteristics that should be avoided:

Exaggerated promises: No agency can guarantee you the first position in Google, and even less in the short term.

Charging for keywords: SEO that is used by weight does not work, and the evolution of search engines is more oriented to semantic and general thematic searches.

Dubious policy: Many companies use black hat SEO. Which is an unethical positioning technique or even banned by search engines. But in the long term this always ends up backfiring.

Too low prices: Quality SEO takes time. Knowledge, and resources. So cheap end up being expensive.

Undemonstrable results: A good SEO agency should always be transparent with what it is working on.

What you should keep in mind

Seeing all the benefits that can bring you the services of an SEO agency for your business it is normal to want to rush and in the process. You can make mistakes that can lead you to hire the wrong SEO agency because not all of them are for you.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know to hire the right SEO agency.


In this case, by authority of an SEO agency we refer to the years of experience and the experience it has. This is one of the most important aspects because the more years they have worked with you. The more likely it is that they have encountered cases like yours and know how to find quick solutions to your particular case even if it is the first time they work with you.

Another reason why years of experience are so important is that usually.SEO agencies with a lot of experience have managed to develop over time more efficient methodologies and know-how to do their job faster and better.

Despite being an obvious aspect many companies make the mistake of not taking this into account. We strongly recommend that you pay attention to this aspect. It is as simple as looking at their website and if it does not appear to contact them and ask them.

Look for testimonials

When it comes to evaluating how well an SEO agency does its job. There are few things better than seeing what other people who have already worked with them have to say. The more testimonials you can see them better because if many people have been happy with them it is likely that you will also be satisfied.

Another reason why testimonials are so important is that you can also see what customers think about other aspects such as professionalism if they meet delivery times. And how communicative and approachable they are.

This aspect you can see on their website although you can also find reviews on external websites. We recommend you to look at both as it will give you a more reliable view of how the company works and what results in it can give you.

Check if they have a 360º marketing service

360º Marketing Service (or 360º Integrated Marketing) is a term that refers to the ability of an SEO agency to combine the positioning service with others that are also important such as web design. Paid search engine advertising, social media management, graphic design…etc.

An SEO agency with 360º Marketing services will be able to offer you complimentary solutions that can bring you even more clients. They can even analyze your case. Evaluate if it would benefit you to hire other services instead of SEO.

Find out how much experience they have in your industry

One of the keys to know if an SEO agency is for you or not is to know the experience they have working for your sector. This is important because each sector has its peculiarities and specific needs. An SEO agency that knows the problems of your industry will be able to offer you better solutions so we advise you to take this into account. It is a fact that you can find on their websites.

Your Objectives

When thinking about your objectives you must take into account not only the budget. The type of agency you want to hire but also the time you have to see the results. SEO results usually take 3 months, 6 months, or even more. And if you do not have that much time or want faster results you may find it a better idea to hire SEM (paid search engine advertising) although ideally.You should complement both techniques.


Once you know what an SEO agency is and what they do. It is crucial to know how they do their job. Each one has its own methodology.  It is this methodology that will determine the results they can offer you, for this reason. You should ask what their work methodology is, that is to say. What steps they will follow to achieve the objective you want and why.

If they are good professionals they should be able to give you clear explanations. Feel free to ask the questions you want, they will be happy to answer you.

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