What is an Auto Dialer and its types?


Auto Dialer is advanced software, and it is the most powerful sales acceleration tool because it can dial hundreds of numbers automatically and without delay. It rapidly connects agents with the correct person and creates sufficient sales in a short amount of time. It eliminates the difficulty of manually dialling numbers and the annoyance that can emerge when an agent place on hold.

As a result, using effective and feature-rich dialer software can lead to considerable increases in productivity and more consistent and long-term results. The capacity of dialer software to automate all types of corporate processes and more efficiently simplify operations is its strongest feature.

What is Auto Dialer?

An auto dialer is software that automatically dials many numbers from a database. It can be set up to leave messages on answering machines, listen to recorded responses, and dial phone numbers for an operator. In telemarketing and customer service, auto-dialers are widely used in their services. Auto dialers are employed with telephones, pager networks, and mobile phones. Auto dialers announce vocal messages or send digital data to caller parties once calls establish. Predictive dialers are systems that perform call transfer to an operator when a person answers a call.

Types of Auto Dialer:

Auto Dialers might seek to connect with their targets in various ways. Among the most common are:

  • Preview Dialer:

Preview dialers work similarly to a phone book. The agent present with a list of potential consumers who can review their information and history before calling their number. Because it is much superior to the old system when it comes to the manual Dialer numbers. This is frequently the first auto-dialer organizations choose before upgrading to more complex systems.

It gives the agent a preview of the information customers have so that they may prepare beforehand, but it doesn’t waste time in dialling the number. The agent can dial or skip the consumer based on what they observe. Auto Dialer software providers can provide a more personalized experience and boost success rates since they have more time and knowledge to prepare for the Dialling functions.

  • Predictive Dialer:

The predictive dialer makes several outbound calls at the same time. When a prospect or client answers the phone, the call transferr to the next available agent. The most significant distinction between a predictive dialer and a traditional dialer is that a predictive dialer considers numerous criteria when predicting when the next agent will be available. It assesses the amount of time each agent will spend on a call and the possibility of a prospect answering the phone and dynamically scheduling calls. For example, if an agent spends 3 minutes on average on each call, the dialer will call that agent every 4 minutes, giving them time to finish and prepare for the next call.

  • Progressive Dialer:

Progressive dialers do not work like predictive dialers, which are dependent on the availability of agents. They cannot dial calls in advance. After finishing the previous call, the auto-dialer service provider will automatically contact the next number on the list. This eliminated the time spent waiting between calls and boosted an agent’s output in a short period. This works best in a situation when all of the calls are straightforward. And agents profit from the system’s readiness to make the next contact for them.

  • Power Dialer:

In practice, power dialer software is less meaningless and less useful. Implying that it establishes some basic controls over an agent’s outbound calls. It also indicates that dialling would automate using a power dialer but not adaptive or predictive dialling. The term power use increasingly in the context of marketing solutions. They can easily adopt any dialling behavior appropriate for our business needs. Adjust every part of how it operates in the power dialer.

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