What is an SEO service and its importance for business

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The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) service carried out by a professional SEO services is part of a digital marketing strategy that aims to attract organic traffic. To achieve this, the SEO service uses several specific techniques, making the website relevant in the eyes of Google’s algorithms to achieve top positions on a search page.

What is SEO service?

The SEO service can be understood as a set of actions aimed at optimizing websites through search engines, such as Google. In other words, the main objective of the SEO service is to leave a website at the top of the ranking of the options that appear to the user when they do a Google search.

Unlike what happens with paid ads, in SEO, the traffic is organic, which involves a lot of study of Google’s algorithms and constant updates which is why it is so recommended to hire professional SEO services in this field.

How important is an SEO service?

You don’t need to go far to understand the importance of SEO. Optimizing websites for search engines can add a lot to visibility and competitiveness in the market. Another point worth highlighting: users tend to give much more credibility to suggestions that appear in the top positions of the search page than to sponsored links. If a website is among the first placed on a search page, it means that its content is of quality and trust.

Important elements to perform good SEO

Below we will detail practical actions, including the use of important tools to raise the level of SEO implementations.

Carry out a preliminary analysis

It is recommended to carry out an audit of the current website, taking into account its performance compared to that of competitors. Still, in this preliminary analysis, it is important to check website elements. Such as structure, titles, URLs, robots, descriptions, and images, among others.

Register your website with tools such as Google Search Console, Bing Webmasters, and Google My Business These tools are very important in SEO services. One of the purposes of Google Search Console, like Bing Webmasters, is to closely monitor how a website is positioned in search results.

Rankify SEO Agency helps customers obtain information about the brand or store. In addition to increasing the site’s credibility using Google algorithms. With Rankify SEO Agency, your company will be considered reputable.

Create the persona and target audience

Defining the persona and target audience helps you study the purchasing journey according to your consumer’s profile. This makes it easier to define what should be done at each moment of the purchasing journey to balance top, middle–, and bottom-of-the-funnel investments. Furthermore, content creation intrinsically depends on this study of the purchasing journey, as it must be produced according to the interests of potential customers.

Do Keyword Research

After defining the persona, the target audience, and what this consumer’s purchasing journey is like. It’s time to do keyword research based on preliminary data.

This information works together with the company’s existing data, such as current customers. Their pain points, and products or services that are most requested, help to produce more appropriate content, that covers each stage of the purchasing journey.

Optimize website content

Anyone who already has content on their website, such as blog posts, product pages, and rich materials, can apply SEO techniques and promote the optimization of what already exists to improve positioning on Google search pages.

Furthermore, it is very important to create content with a certain frequency, including elements such as title, meta description, link building, keywords, and images when publishing.

What are black hat and white hat techniques and how do they influence SEO services?

Black hat and white hat are SEO techniques that can influence the user experience. Understand:

black hat

Within black hat, the techniques aim to optimize organic positioning in violation of Google guidelines.

The most well-known black hat techniques are:

  • Blog SPAM;
  • Cloaking;
  • Duplicate content;
  • Hidden content;
  • Doorway page (or gateway page);
  • Keyword stuffing;
  • Linkfarm;
  • Paid links;
  • Private Blog Networks (PBN);
  • Negative SEO.

White hat

Unlike black hat techniques, white hat techniques are considered ethical, do not violate Google’s guidelines, and do not generate punishments. Even though they bring results in the medium and long term, they are the techniques recommended by SEO professionals.

In this case, to apply white hat techniques by Google’s guidelines. It is necessary to invest in creating authentic, relevant, and quality content, always thinking about delivering the best possible experience to the user. This way, you legitimately promote website optimization.

How to choose the ideal agency to provide SEO services?

When choosing a professional SEO services, pay attention to whether it offers:

  • SEO audit;
  • Competition Analysis;
  • Personalized strategies;
  • on-page SEO;
  • Off-page SEO;
  • Monthly reports;
  • Progressive optimization.

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