What is Custom Diamond Painting?

What is Custom Diamond Painting?

What is Custom Diamond Painting? Simply explained, Custom Diamond Painting consists of gluing colored stones according to a particular pattern. Each stone has its own number. This number can be found on the given checklist and also on the given canvas. As it was, the method used in Diamond Painting can be compared a little to the popular “painting by numbers”.

Do Diamond Painting from your photo?

You already know a lot about Custom Diamond Painting. But did you already know that with the diamond painting you can also turn your precious photos into true masterpieces in an amazing way? We create the best diamond painting from your photo. We can turn any image into a diamond painting, which we do every day in our design studio for our customers. You send us your picture, and we review it and send you digital samples via email so you can see what the Diamond Painting would look like.  Send us your photo through this link, you can also read a full explanation about our way of working here.

Advantages of Custom Diamond Painting

1. Free Custom Diamond Painting can relax

Custom Diamond Painting is very similar to digital painting. The only difference is that digital paintings are painted with paint, while diamond art is colored with rhinestones, crystals, or diamonds that are small and flat on the back. Relax! Diamond painting kit reduced price. Real diamond selection and excellent customer service. Use VIP15 now to enjoy a 15% discount. Join us for more fun.

2. DIY Custom Diamond Painting means high technology

Accept: We all need smart technology. We enjoy phones. These activities stimulate the brain, making every moment of the diamond skill a sleepless night. The DIY diamond art club kit provides an easy way to relax, unwind, and relax.

Open the diamond art kit set and check your diamond marks. Hold the diamond brush in your hand. Oh, the break has started. Now you don’t need another screen with all sides. Talk about a good way to relax. Especially without all the unnecessary technical stimulation!

3. How to make Custom Diamond Painting suitable for family gatherings

Technology is slowly taking over our family. The children are grown up. A busy family. I had little time to be happy. When we do hobby lobby diamond painting, we are on iPhone. You can enjoy it only with tools.

However, we can draw diamonds with many people.  Diamond art is suitable for adults, and Custom Diamond Painting kits designed for children are also available.

Understand and compare the techniques of Custom Diamond Painting. If your diamond painting pen canvas is large enough, work together. Diamond art kit instructions are the best way to connect with loved ones.

4. How to strengthen Custom Diamond Painting for craft shops

When I was young, I studied art and relaxation. Custom Diamond Painting kits will help show off your creativity. Everyone has a problem.

Are you involved in creative activities?

Just pick up what Custom Diamond Painting cross stitch is. You will find your diamond art glue process is getting better and better. The diamond painting of the technical coater is free and complete with unique painting and diamond jewelry.

5. Making your Custom Diamond Painting can increase confidence

Even the most confident people can be confident. If you start using the first set of 5d diamond images, you may encounter problems. Looking at diamond art kits cross stitch small diamonds, “How can I finish a Custom Diamond Painting?”

6. What is Custom Diamond Painting?

Custom Diamond Painting is a technique in which designers combine beautiful, shiny diamond diamonds with detailed patterns, so it is also called a DIY diamond painting. The painter only needs to connect the drill to the corresponding mark on the canvas to complete the drill attachment. The process is simple and easy to understand, and it only takes a few minutes to start officially. After that, slowly fill in the blocks corresponding to each symbol. Fill in all the fields and complete the diamond pictures. Usually, it only takes 2 hours to finish 40CM*40CM diamond art. The DIY Custom Diamond Painting combines popular DIY materials and fashionable and shiny diamond materials to attract customers’ attention.

and take the market easily. DIY Custom Diamond Painting adds a lot of quality to family life. For boat lovers, this is a new product and the best way to protect against viruses.

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