What is SAP: Significant Features of SAP ERP?

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To begin with, SAP is a widely-used enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. It creates a centralized system for businesses and allows every department to access and share common data to create a better work environment. The SAP ERP solution is a major asset for a business and using it makes your business run more smoothly by protecting and unifying your data. In addition, it automates your business processes and produces easy-to-understand trends. This solution also offers numerous other capabilities to make business operations and planning much more efficient.

Significant Features of SAP

The SAP ERP software has more than 300 products and 2000 components and it covers most of the areas of a business. In addition, it has a low implementation time than developing a new one for a company. SAP covers all the functional modules and integrates them with each other. Furthermore, it provides various advanced analytical features for vast reports and critical decision-making. SAP ERP ensures high security and provides different roles for the user and supports multiple languages and Fiscal years. Using SAP allows companies to save time and cost in running their entire processes. It supports different types of operating systems and databases and therefore is popular among companies, in most countries. To further know about it, one can visit SAP Training in Delhi. Above all, SAP keeps on adding new features according to the market and new technology.

  • Ensures optimum Visibility and Accessibility.
  • It helps in improving the efficiency of the business.
  • SAP ERP is easy to customize.
  • It actually reduces costs in the long run.
  • Facilities strong collaboration between the company‚Äôs departments.
  • It ensures better planning and Better Planning and Reporting.
  • SAP offers optimum customer service.
  • Ensures data quality and security.
  • It ensures easy scalability for your business.

Modules of SAP

The SAP ERP consists of various modules that deal with almost all business aspects. Enrolling in the SAP Certification Online training will help you learn these SAP modules. Given below are some of the most popular modules of SAP ERP.

  • SAP FI- It is the Financial Accounting module responsible for tracking the flow of financial data across the organization in a controlled manner. In addition, this module also integrates all the information for effective strategic decision-making.
  • SAP CO- It stands for controlling and this module facilitates coordinating, monitoring, and optimizing all the processes in an organization. In addition, this module is also responsible for controlling the business flow in an organization.
  • Sales & Distribution Management- The SAP SD module is one of the most important modules in SAP. Furthermore, this module has a high level of integration complexity and is useful for supporting sales and distribution activities of products and services,
  • Material Management- The Material Management module deals with the movement of materials through other modules like logistics, supply chain management, sales and delivery, warehouse management, production, and planning.
  • Logistic Execution- This Logistic Execution module can be divided into two sub-modules which are shipment of goods and warehouse management. Furthermore, they integrate with sales and distribution, material management, and production and planning.
  • Supplier Relationship Management- The SRM module facilitates the effective and efficient transition of products and services between an organization and its suppliers. Furthermore, this module effectively integrates with planning, accounting, and inventory system.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)- The CRM module deals with end-to-end customer-related processes. Furthermore, this module centralizes the data related to all the customers associated with an organization.
  • Human Resource- The HR module allows you to enter employee-related data for administrative, time-recording, and payroll purposes. It creates the necessary data for the employee to be hired.


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software called SAP is extensively utilized. Every department may access and exchange shared data to improve working conditions, creating a centralized system for enterprises. The majority of a business’s functional areas are covered by the 2000 components and more than 300 products that make up the SAP ERP software. SAP combines each functional module with the others and covers all of them. It guarantees simple scalability for your company. In conclusion, the SAP ERP is made up of a number of modules that address practically all business-related issues.



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