What To Do if your iPhone Not Sending Or Receiving Messages?

iPhone Not Sending Or Receiving Messages

You might feel cut off from your friends and family if your iPhone not sending or receiving messages and you might be worried if there is something seriously wrong with your iPhone device. 

There might be various reasons because of why you might not be able to send messages using your iPhone, but you do not need to worry about them. 

Instead of why is my iphone not sending text messages, you need to focus on the solutions which we are going to offer to you in this blog which can help you fix the message problem. 

Ways to Fix iPhone Not Sending or Receiving Messages to the Users – 

You can try these ways and use them to fix the problem of sending messages. 

1. Turn the airplane mode on and then off 

Turn on the airplane mode on your device and then after some time you need to turn it off, this refreshes your network and will connect you to the available network so that you can send text messages. 

2. Confirm the number of the recipient 

If you are still not able to send text messages using your iPhone device then you must check the number to which you want to send the message. If the number is invalid or incorrect then you will not be able to send texts. 

3. Exit the messages app and start it again 

Sometimes apps need to be restarted to fix messages send failure iPhone so you should first exit the messages app on your iPhone and after a few minutes, you should open the again. 

After opening it again, you can try to send a text message and see if they are being deliver or not. 

4. Restart iPhone you are using 

If restarting the app does not work for you, you need to restart your iPhone device which might solve the problem for you. Restarting the device might fix minor glitches and errors on your device. 

5. Checking if the message type is support 

Not every kind of text message is supported by every phone, so you must check if the message you are sending is the type that is supported on your iPhone device or not to fix messages not working on your iPhone. 

6. Check the date and time of the iPhone device 

Sometimes when the date and time of your device are incorrect then also you will not be able to send text messages from your iPhone, so you are suppose to check it by going to settings and then to the general tab following which you will find the date and time which you have to set automatically. 

7. Update the ios device you use 

If your iPhone device is not update to the latest version then also you might encounter issues while sending messages, so to fix the bugs and get the latest features and advancements you must update your device. 

There are other ways also using which you can tackle this issue and if you are keen to know about these ways then you can have a look at Emailspedia website which will offer you good and informative details. 

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