What To Look For When Choosing Business Mobile Phone Contracts

Companies choosing between different business mobile phone contracts can quickly become overwhelmed by the wealth of options and complex jargon. However, despite all the advertising spiel you’ll see from all the leading telecom companies in the UK, there are really 5 main points to consider when choosing between different small business mobile phone deals. Let’s take a look at them…


In spite of any other considerations, the main concern for most businesses is always going to be the price of their business mobile phone plans. Remember to consider…

  • The price of the handset
  • The monthly cost of the contract
  • Additional fees (such as the surcharge for using more than your allotted minutes)

When you are purchasing a company phone deal, you want to make sure that you are getting a bulk discount over what would be available to you on the retail market. Some business telecoms providers have online calculators which can help you work out your costs. Alternatively, you could speak to their sales team who will most likely help work these figures out for you.

Flexibility & Scalability

If you are entering into a multi-year business mobile contract for your business mobiles (2 years is a standard contract length) you want to make sure that there is flexibility in that contract to deal with changes in your company’s circumstances. If you are a business that is still growing and envision that the size of your team and/or the level of your mobile phone usage will increase significantly over the course of the contract, then you need to find a business mobile contract that allows you the flexibility to scale your service level alongside your business’s growth.

Mobile Device Management

Security is a far greater concern for business mobile customers. If team members are going to have sensitive data on their mobile devices. You need to have control over those devices. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is like a super-charged version of “Find My Phone”, allowing you to locate and remotely wipe data from your employee’s devices. Mobile Device Management is a vital part of business mobile phone plans.

Customer Service

Most business mobile phone contracts will have a service level agreement (SLA). This agreement will dictate the level of customer service you can expect as a customer of that particular telecoms provider. SLAs will determine factors like the provider’s response times for technical issues,

The maximum amount of downtime per month. And the reimbursement that can be expected if the provider fails to meet these standards. The improved customer service is one of the main differences between home and business phone contracts.

You’ll want to make sure that the SLA of your contract matches the requirements of your business. If you’re the type of customer that needs 24/7 support,

but your provider can only offer Mon-Fri 9 am-5 pm support, so they’re probably not a great match.

Do You Really Need Business Mobiles?

With the rise of business VoIP platforms, many businesses don’t purchase their own mobiles anymore. It’s likely that every one of your team members will already own a mobile device and most VoIP platforms. That can run as applications on your team’s mobiles.  This is one of the primary advantages of VoIP for business and allows for a personal mobile device.

Also, run a virtual business line on it without the need for the team member to carry a separate work mobile.

We hope this has been a useful overview of the four key points you,  should consider when choosing between different business mobile phone contracts. It’s important to take your time and investigate all the potential deals that are available and find the right business phone and broadband provider for your business.


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