WhatsApp Tracking App: How To Track WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp Tracking App: How To Track WhatsApp Chats

WhatsApp Tracking App: WhatsApp is the most famous social media platform that has millions of active users and gives free services to WhatsApp users. This permits users to utilize the platform to exchange multimedia data such as text messages, chat conversations, audio and video communications, photos and videos, and user location data.

Whether users are using Android, iOS, or any other operating system, a standard mobile phone number  require to use the service. Users can access the service individually as well as in a group. Since last year, social media apps have announced business platforms that allow businesses to serve customers on a large scale.

How To Track WhatsApp Chats?

You have to only need an AddSpy WhatsApp tracking app to track the target mobile phone and install WhatsApp Messenger. So you need to subscribe to the AddSpy mobile app to know the OS of the target device (eg Android). If the user is compatible with the Android monitoring app. Then when they subscribe, they will receive an email with credentials such as password and ID.

This also installs the AddSpy Android monitoring app on the target mobile phone to which it has access and activates it on the mobile phone after successful installation by the user. Users have to select an option before activating it. They either want to spy on WhatsApp messenger secretly or they don’t. Pick the best option and activate it on the target phone. Now utilize your password and User ID to reach the online control panel of the AddSpy Android Monitoring App.

Why will you find this feature useful?

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the commonly utilizes chatting platforms. Although originally designed for instant communication between friends and family. This often leads to cyberbullying attacks, communication with online predators, and identity theft. As parents, it is very important to keep an eye on your children’s online activities. And use the internet sparingly for security reasons. The AddSpy parental control app tells you to know who your kid is chatting, to and what images they are transferring and getting on WhatsApp.

Why Need To Track WhatsApp Messenger?

The popularity of social messaging apps has penetrated the masses, but over the years, social networking apps have put young children at risk, even employers who hire them from companies such as cell phones, gadgets, and PCs. To use on proprietary devices. With Windows and Mac.

As a result, young children and teens who have cell phones use them throughout the day and are often stalked and bullied online by cyberbullying. So, parents are very concerned about the safety of the child and teen. And want to know who the kids and teens are talking to using WhatsApp on their Android devices.

However, employers may want to check employee activity on WhatsApp Instant Messenger using company-owned tools to avoid employee thrills or engage in suspicious activities.


AddSpy is an Android tracking app that is specially developed for parents and businesses owners. AddSpy helps you track the activities of your employees or children in real-time. The AddSpy application gives you control over many features such as being completely hidden.

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