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The primary step to set up your business’s online presence is to buy a cheap domain name. For this, you have to decide on a domain name for your website that depicts your products & services and complies with your branding strategies. You must be very keen about your choice of domain name registration because this is what’s going to stay with your brand forever. Moreover, only a wise decision and calculated decision can help you exploit your maximum potential. Once you have decided on the best domain extension, the next step is to decide on the domain extension.

What is domain extension?

The domain extension is the ending part of a domain specified according to the niche and type of the business website. Another way to denote the domain extensions is TLDs; Top Level Domains. TLDs are a way to categorize domains concerning the type of business and its reach.

Trends regarding TLDs are rapidly changing, and various new extensions are released every day. Any web hosting & domain agency can provide you with a variety of gTLDs and ccTLDs. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a non-profit organization that regulates the domain extensions such as the release of the new extensions, management of existing domains, and entrusting technical management of extensions to the registries, etc.

gTLDs are the generic Top Level Domains that specify the domains as the domains with no regional specification. Hence, search engines identify the domain as generic. Since 1985, the number of gTLDs has joined the main gTLDs; .com, .net, .org, .gov, and edu etc.

ccTLDs denote the country code Top Level Domains that categorize the domains based on the geographical specification or ISO country code. For example, .uk, .us, .ca, and cheap pk domain etc.
Among both, the domain extensions, .com, and .pk extensions make the best domain extension. However, you might not be willing to acquire both, or one is simply unavailable; what should you choose? Here is a detailed answer to the question for your ease.

.com vs .pk | What to choose?

As .com and .pk are top preferences for any website in Pakistan, it stirred up huge confusion. Following are some points you must be considering while choosing your extension.

  • Your goals

Businesses are always about the goals and vision, which in turn set the pitch for the future. The same is the case with your online existence, and you have to be crystal clear about the business’s goals. If you aim to grow locally, certainly, .pk is the best choice for you. Hence, you can reach out to your potential customers with a more targeted approach. If your goals comply with the local businesses, you can get cheap pk domain registration from Navicosoft easily. However, if you seek to grow your business internationally, you may have to go for a .com domain extension.

  • Target Audience

The target and potential audience define the size of any enterprise. Hence, if you operate in a specific country, such as Pakistan, the .pk domain will be the best domain extension for you. However, if you are targeting prospective audiences worldwide, you must go for a .com domain.

  • Language-specific website

Various websites are operating in Pakistan that is language-specific, such as Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi, Urdu, and Baluchi. If you are also running one of these websites, a .pk will suit you the best. One of the famous examples are rozee. pk, redpoint. pk, and daily day. pk, etc.

  • Price

When you are at the point of just setting up your business, price is one of the most significant factors that matter. Prices for .pk are much lesser than .com. Therefore, if you operate in Pakistan, you can easily buy domain name registration at the cheapest price.

  • Reliability

Once your business is established, all you would care about is the customer’s trust and reliability of your brand. So, why not care about it right from scratch. One way to win your customer’s trust is a reliable website. No doubt .pk seems to be very reliable as it indicates your local presence other than the online existence. However, if you have your business in Pakistan only, this is the best domain extension for your website.

  • Leverage the search engine potential

If you wish to exploit the potential of search engines and digital marketing, you must be wary of the domain extension. By making a wise decision about the TLDs, you make it much easier for the search engines. If your website address ends with a .pk, the Google search engine will immediately locate that your target audience lies within the boundaries of Pakistan. Hence, the search engine will direct traffic coming from Pakistan to your website.

  • Availability

Last but not least, availability is the ultimate deciding factor for your domain. Well, if you are looking for a cheap .com domain, that might be a bit difficult for you. Most of the .com domains are occupied by now as they make the most appealing domain extensions. Hence, if you are based in Pakistan, .pk will be the best option as there are many catchy domain name options available with the .pk extension. Moreover, it makes the best choice if you are setting up a regional language-specific website.

What do you need for a ccTLD domain extension?

As mentioned earlier, you need to decide on a domain name, the best domain extension, find a reliable registrar, and buy cheap pk domain. Whoever your registrar may be, the PKNIC regulates the registration for local domain extensions. The function of PKNIC includes all the renewing and transferring processes of domains. Furthermore, PKNIC scrutinizes your application keenly. Hence, your application for the domain extension must comply with the following requirements set by PKNIC.

  1. PKNIC supports only the domain names that comprise a minimum of four letters to a maximum of sixty-seven letters. In addition, the four-character domain name must be other than the PKNIC second level subdomain such as .org, .gop, and .com.
  2. PKNIC does not grant a domain name that contains the blocked or reserved name lists.
  3. Lastly, it is always better that your domain name does not contain any dashes at all. However, PKNIC holds a restriction on only consecutive two dashes or a hyphen at the beginning of the domain name.

Is can be an option too?

Certainly, all the perks of a .pk TLD make it the best domain extension. However, there are still various organizations and businesses that are too good to pay high prices for a .com domain to seem professional. After all, the cheap .com domain is considered to be a premium domain extension. Therefore, most online websites comprise a cheap .com domain extension with no room left for the new domains.

Hence, .com. pk stands out as the second most popular domain extension for businesses in Pakistan and makes the perfect substitution. Moreover, you can register the domain for a minimum of two years to a maximum of ten years.

Furthermore, the .com.

Pk domain extension is good for the local businesses in Pakistan and international businesses with their operating branches in Pakistan. Not to mention, the Google search engine ranks the .com. pk much better in the universal search than the specific country codes such as the .pk domain. Hence, if you seek to target the audiences worldwide while keeping your regional identity intact, you have to get the .com. pk domain registration.

In short, you must be wary of the choice of your business website domain name. Whether .com or .pk, keep in mind all the aspects of domain names described above and choose the best domain extension to maintain an online presence of your business.

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