Why Can’t Lock My Facebook Profile?

lock facebook profile

At first, to the concern of people, Ankhi Das (the public security director of Facebook India) or Facebook introduced the “Lock your Profile” feature on May 2020. This feature enables users to lock their profiles to maintain privacy and safeguard their information. from unknown users. But this feature is not activated in most countries yet.

Why Can’t I Lock my Facebook Profile or No lock Profile Option Available on Facebook?

The feature may not works sometimes, as it is not available in most countries. Facebook allows users from particular countries to access over Lock Facebook Profile feature. This feature was first introduced in India and over time, gained popularity and spread its availability in 7 more countries. The rest of the users from different countries are advised to wait until Facebook releases or introduces this feature in their regions. 

But users can also ensure their security by enabling “Limit Past Posts”, with the help of these privacy settings, users can limit the visibility of their profile to chosen ones. 

Steps to Enable Limit Past Posts:

  1. Browse Facebook on the device and click on the down arrow available next to the privacy shortcuts,
  2. Select settings from the drop-down list,
  3. Select Privacy and it will redirect the users to Privacy Settings and Tools,
  4. Navigate towards “who can see my stuff” and select “Limit the audience for posts you’ve shared with friends of friends or the public”,
  5. Click on Limit Old Posts,
  6. After this, a dialog box will appear on the screen asking for confirmation or review,
  7. Lastly, ensure the setting by clicking on “Confirm”.

Facebook Profile Lock Available Country List:

The list of countries that enabled this feature are:

  • Egypt, 
  • Iraq, 
  • Morocco, 
  • Saudi Arabia, 
  • Sudan, 
  • And Turkey.

Only users from these countries can enjoy this feature and the rest will have to wait until the introduction of the feature in their respective countries.

Profile appearance after enabling the feature:

  • No other users can see, download or share your picture or videos unless or until he/she is in your friend list.
  • Nobody can access your profile pictures.
  • Your posts will not be visible to unknown users.
  • Only the personal information part will be visible to them.

How to lock your Facebook profile on Android?

  1. Open the Facebook application on the device,
  2. Tap on the Profile Picture option that is available on the Home PAge,
  3. Tap on three dots menu,
  4. Select the Lock Your Profile Option available at the end of the Lock Profile Page, 
  5. A pop will appear “You locked your profile. Only your friends can see the photos and posts on your timeline”,

Step 6: Lastly tap on “Ok” to complete the process.


Facebook has emerged as one of the most widely used communication applications globally. Initially, there was no privacy concerned features available for its users. But over time, the cases of cyber crime touched their peaks in a short period of time. However, users are getting concerned about their profiles. Keeping this in mind, Facebook introduced this feature to safeguard its users from others. This feature helps them to lock their profile so that their profile can be visible to the chosen group of people. The fact that Facebook hasn’t released this feature in several countries bound their users to access the Facebook application.

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