Why Do We Need Easels: The Importance of Art and Craft

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Easels have been an essential tool for artists and crafters throughout history, providing a functional and practical way to display their work. Whether used for painting, drawing, or simply for displaying art, an easel plays a significant role in art and craft. This blog explores why we need easels, delving into their impact on creativity, production, and overall satisfaction.

The Functionality of Easels in the Creation Process

Having the right art supplies is crucial to the success of any artist or crafter. Easels provide a reliable foundation for creating masterpieces and bringing their imaginative ideas to life. With specialized designs available for various mediums such as oil, acrylic, or watercolor paintings, easels cater to the specific needs of artists, ensuring optimal results.

Craft Stores: A Hub for Creative Minds

Craft stores also serve as a community hub where fellow creatives can share ideas, techniques, and inspiration. As these stores typically stock a variety of easels suited to different purposes and budgets, they make it easier than ever to find the perfect match for your artistic needs. Furthermore, helpful staff are usually available to assist with queries and recommendations, ensuring you leave the store confident in your choice.

The Aesthetic Appeal of Easels

Easels have long been used to display finished works of art in galleries, museums, and personal collections. Using an easel not only adds a touch of professionalism to the presentation but also ensures that the piece is visible and admired by viewers. With various materials and designs available—from ornate wooden models to sleek metal options—easels can even complement the aesthetics of the artwork itself.

Professional Presentation 

When artists showcase their work, whether in a gallery, art fair, or even their studio, a well-chosen easel elevates the presentation to a professional level. It gives the artwork a designated space, allowing viewers to appreciate it from an optimal angle and distance. This professional touch can significantly influence potential buyers’ perception of the art’s value.

Versatile Display

Easels come in various sizes and designs, allowing artists to adapt their display to different settings and audiences. Tabletop easels are perfect for smaller pieces or intimate studio settings, while more giant floor-standing easels are ideal for grand exhibitions. The versatility of easels ensures that artists can tailor their presentation to suit the context.

Engaging and Interactive

Easels encourage engagement between the artwork and viewers. People can approach the artwork at their own pace, take in the details, and even imagine how it might look in their own space. This interactive aspect can lead to a more profound connection between the art and potential buyers, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

Artistic Significance 

In some cases, the easel can become a part of the artwork’s story. Artists may choose easels that complement or contrast with their artwork, adding an extra layer of artistic significance to the display. This can be a selling point, as collectors may appreciate the attention to detail in the art and its presentation.

Convenience for Buyers 

Easels make it easy for buyers to visualize the artwork’s appearance in their space. Potential buyers can step back and envision the piece hanging on their wall, which can be a decisive factor in their purchase decision. The ability to see the artwork in a real-world context enhances its appeal.

Memorable Impressions 

A well-displayed artwork, supported by an elegant or unique easel, leaves a lasting impression on viewers. This memory can stay with potential buyers long after they leave the gallery or art show. When they recall the artwork, they are more likely to seek it out for purchase.

Supporting Emerging Artists

Aspiring artists can use easels to showcase their work at local art fairs, community exhibitions, or online platforms. This exposure can lead to recognition, opportunities, and sales, helping them establish their careers.


In conclusion, easels are indispensable tools in art and craft, serving as functional supports during the creative process. Ergonomic aids for artists’ health, and elegant displays for finished works. They also contribute to the professional presentation and sale of artwork, making them a vital component of the artistic journey. Whether you are an artist seeking to present your creations or an art enthusiast looking to appreciate and collect. The importance of easels in promoting craftsmanship and enhancing the artistic experience cannot be overstated.

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