Why Should High-Traffic Sites Opt for VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting

A high-traffic website often confronts various issues like slow loading and downtime. The reason behind these issues is the web hosting kind that these websites have opted for. A shared web hosting might come at an accessible price, but the associated perks will never deliver the best results. When it comes to a high-traffic website, it often outgrows the advantages of shared hosting, and the situation highlights the need for a VPS hosting platform. This post will discuss why high-traffic sites should opt for VPS hosting. Keep reading to know more!

VPS hosting advantages for high-traffic sites:

The hypervisor in VPS hosting platforms can split a single server into multiple virtual machines through virtualization software. Every VPS server allocates dedicated resources to each user based on the requirements. We have compiled some of the unique advantages of VPS hosting for high-traffic sites. Let us go through these advantages without any further ado!

1. Customer support:

Users with no prior technical knowledge and background will hardly manage VPS hosting since they grant full root access. With that in mind, the situation highlights the need for round-the-clock customer support and dedicated solutions. VPS providers know that most of their users are not from a technical background, and hence they promise full customer support.

Not knowing the intricacies of server management means you require 24×7 customer support. The majority of users may not know what full root access is and how to manage the server. If you want to obtain complete customer support, consider purchasing a web hosting plan from reliable web hosting companies in Dubai.

2. Affordability:

Are you looking for a mean between dedicated and shared web hosting platforms? VPS hosting is the best choice. VPS could be the best fit for your needs, be it pricing or characteristics. It is a cost-effective option and a natural successor to shared hosting.

This platform’s full-root access, customizability, and account isolation features can grant you various perks. However, if you think these perks would come at a higher price, you must rethink this point.

3. Increased reliability:

What if the traffic inflow increases and your server experience a lag or downtime? Handling a surge in traffic can better be managed with VPS hosting, and high-traffic should consider purchasing this model.

A VPS hosting can give you almost similar properties like a dedicated server and a user. It puts lesser strain on a server, and high-traffic site owners are well-off with this plan for better results and reliability. The more you rely on this plan for your website, the better reliable your website will feel.

4. Seamless scalability:

E-commerce websites can experience a traffic spike during sales seasons, and it can slow down the website loading speed. Not only this, the problem will grow as the websites and their associated traffic grows. Why not search for a permanent scalable solution? You will find no better solution than a VPS hosting platform during such situations.

Scaling your resources is easier than ever with VPS hosting since it is pooled from a physical server. Online stores and E-commerce websites often search for such solutions, but they fail to connect the dots.

5. Better security:

It is probably the biggest concern for almost every website and online store, and no one should compromise on this. Spammers and cyber attackers always search for a weak link in high-traffic websites, and smaller prices can cause severe damage. VPS hosting can make your high-traffic site less vulnerable to such attacks due to the added layer of security.

Moreover, the VPS server also grants you complete server control to perform server management. You can install security applications on your server to keep cyber-attackers away from your site. If you want to fortify the server security further, consider customization options.

6. Software freedom:

One of the most significant drawbacks of shared hosting is that you don’t get to choose the operatong choice of your liking. The decision lies with the service provider, and you must say yes to the call. However, in VPS hosting, you are free to choose an operating system of your choice and customize it to your needs.

Moreover, you can also opt for managed VPS hosting if you don’t want to delve into the technical aspects of server management. Do you want to get your hands on this property and let the service providers look after everything? Consider joining hands with reliable web hosting companies in Dubai and purchase a managed server from them!

Make your website more secure with web hosting!

Web hosting can bring numerous advantages to your website if you purchase a reliable partner’s right platform. Be it security, reliability, or performance, you will never be disappointed on any front. Consider joining hands with the best VPS web hosting companies today and purchase a managed web hosting plan from them to add additional security and reliability to your website!

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