Why should I choose ccTLDs? Is .pk domain a good option?

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Deciding for your business website address is just as important as your branding is. For this, you have to choose a perfect domain name and a suitable domain extension. The domain name is the main part of your website address which mostly depends upon your brand name. Whereas the domain extension refers to the last part of the web address that comes after the dot. You must have known the basic tips and requirements for the domain name by now.

Therefore, we shall be discussing the domain extension. For domain extension, you can choose ccTLDs or gTLDs referring to country-code top-level and generic top-level domains. ccTLDs such as a cheap pk domain offer their benefits, and the gTLDs such as the .com domain offer their benefits.

Initially, there had been limited extensions available back then in 1984. Users were allowed to choose from only seven domain extensions that included .com, .net, .edu, .int, .org, .mil, and .gov. However, with the ever-growing network space, there are many options available at the domain registrars. For example, you can choose a domain extension that puts on a map such as you may get pk domain, highlights your business niche, and indicate your affiliation to a certain.

How to choose a domain name for my website?

Experts would know already; however, for the newbies, there are some thumb rules that you must take care of while deciding on the domain of your website. It is important because it is the task you must accomplish before you choose ccTLDs or any other domain extension.

  • The domain must be short and easy to understand and remember for your loyal customers and prospective customers. Besides being short, it would be best to be unique, interesting, and catchy.
  • Most importantly, your domain name must depict your brand name and resonate with your brand image, visions, and goals.
  • You can also consider adding a keyword to your website address. It helps in improving your SERP rankings.
  • Once you have decided on your domain name, claim as soon as possible with Navicosoft because someone else may claim it before you.

Now, let’s discuss if you should choose ccTLDs, gTLDs, or any other domain extensions for your domain name.

How to choose a domain extension for my website?

According to a global domain name registry survey. There has been a total of 363.5 million registrations for domain names during only the first quarter of 2021. Importantly, the .com and .net have been the most popular extensions accounting for a total of 168.0 billion domain registration during the last quarter of 2021. Consequently, such a massive purchase of these domain extensions has crowded the space and made it difficult to find the .com or .net domain extension for your brand. Most probably, it will be already occupied by someone else. Therefore, here are some points you must keep in mind whether you choose ccTLDs or any other domain name extension.


.com domain extension represented a commercial site. However, it has become the most popular domain extension over time. The first thought that crosses the mind of your target audience upon hearing your brand name would be a .com web address. Hence, .com is the first go-to domain. Therefore, if your business is based in Pakistan, getting a cheap pk domain is easier.

Due to the same reason mentioned above, .com and .net domains will be high priced, and if so, you must try to get .pk domain or even a .com.pk domain extension.

Furthermore, if you choose ccTLDs, you can enjoy several other benefits over the international domain extensions like .com and .net.

SEO advantage

Your domain name plays a significant role in your website’s type of traffic. Hence, choosing a ccTLD offers you search engine optimization advantages. For example, if you buy .pk domain, search engines would recognize the domain extension and get you more targeted traffic depending upon your geographical region.

Customer trust

Customers are the main driving force for any business that makes customer trust vital to your growth. Buying a country-code domain extension helps you with that too. For example, if you fail to get a .com domain for your brand, you can choose ccTLDs like .com.pk or a .pk domain extension. These would do better than any other domain. It seems more formal, professional, and trustworthy.

Moreover, studies indicate that customers are more inclined to buy from local websites because it minimizes the chances of scams.

No matter, the .com domain extension ranks on top concerning customer trust, followed by the .net domain extension. If you buy pk domain, it will take you out of such grave competition and help get the targeted audience by helping with search engine optimization.

In short, it all depends upon your business online presence needs and strategy preferences of your brand if you wish to choose ccTLDs.

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