Renovation of the roof: an essential operation.

roof work safety checklist

The roof is, in a way, the protective cover of the house. It is the essential element without which the building cannot fulfill its function as a place of residence. The roof and all the elements that make it up – frame, insulation, under-roof, cladding – protect and consolidate the general framework of the house. roof work safety checklist

Roofing in good condition is both a guarantee of safety and financial health. Let’s see why.

Why should you renovate your roof?

The roof of a house must be as sound as possible, that is to say, in an impeccable state of maintenance. This upper part of the house acts as an insulating agent: the roof forms the protective barrier and ensures a constant indoor ambient temperature. In the event of a damaged, poorly maintained, or poorly roofing installed, the insulation is not guaranteed.

In this case, the house does not regulate itself, and the heating or air conditioning then comes into play. This is why a perfectly maintained roof allows you to reduce your energy consumption and therefore reduce your heating bills.

The roof is also an aesthetic element in its own right; it constitutes the fifth facade of the house, a facade that must be treated the same way as the exterior walls on which you have chosen a beautiful coating. A healthy roof is a guarantee of seriousness and safety. If you want to sell your property, potential buyers will seek to know the roof diagnosis to anticipate any renovation work. Roofing in poor condition, blackened, or full of moss is a real obstacle to sales.

When to renovate a house roof?

There is no strict rule; the important thing is to regularly check the condition of your roof. Once a year, if possible, check the condition of the coating, tiles, or slates. Also, check that the edge tiles well fixe (screwed or nailed) and not cracked.

If you see moss or black spots on your roof. Consider cleaning with a large brush or a high-pressure cleaner to remove the moss. You can complete the treatment by spraying an anti-foam product. Attention, only clean the top of the coating!

Also, remember to check the rainwater drains. In other words, check your gutters! Clean them, and remove the debris and waste that could have remained stuck and could block the evacuation during the next storm. roof work safety checklist

Can you renovate your roof yourself?

Yes, if and only if your house is not very high, that is to say. If it does not have more than one floor. On the other hand, it is more than recommended to intervene in the presence of a third person, who can intervene quickly in the event of an incident.

Finally, remember to equip yourself to climb the heights in complete safety. Check your tools and the condition of your ladder. And remember to put on a pair of thick gloves and good non-slip safety shoes. roof work safety checklist

If your physical level does not allow it, or if you are not equipped to do so, call on the services of a specialized company: a team of roofers and roofing experts will fulfill the mission to guarantee you a healthy roof in perfect condition. !

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