Why Should You Take Renault Symbol for a Spin?

Renault Symbol

The car rental industry is flooded with high-end vehicles, some of them with excellent features and specifications. People are more inclined towards renting these models since they come at affordable prices with unmatchable style and comfort. Talking about high-end vehicles, Renault Symbol is one you can’t set off the list. This post will reveal why you should take Renault Symbol for a spin owing to its features and specifications. Keep walking with us to know more!

Renault Symbol specs and equipment:

Renault Symbol has jumped ut of the box with some attractive features for the riders. It has surprised everyone with its immersive driving experiences, and you would be no exception once you are in the driving seat. We have compiled a list of specifications and equipment of this vehicle which you must go through before renting or purchasing it. Let us delve into them without any further delay!

1. Comfort and convenience:

This car’s modular layout and comfortable design will take you by surprise once you get into it. Let us go through the following categories to explore this section in some fine detail.

i) Interior space:

The interior compartment in this model is spacious enough to give you five seats with attractive looks. The height and width of the seats can give you supreme comfort and significant travel. Do you want enough compartments for all your suitcases and luggage? This car has got enough space! Consider hiring this from car rental Dubai no deposit companies!

ii) Electric rearview mirrors:

The electric control features in Renault Symbol can add further comfort and convenience to your ride. Riders can use electric rearview mirrors to adjust their lane and car position during the drive. The control features inside the cabin can help you quickly adjust your car position and door mirrors to suit.

iii) Adjustable steering wheel:

Another comfort feature in Renault is the height adjustment in steering, and it can help you in a more comfortable drive to keep you relaxed. Most modern-day cars have these features in place, and one is better off with them.

iv) Rear parking distance control:

Renault Symbol is equipped with rear parking assistance for easy maneuvers and controlling parking distance. If you ever adjust this park to a smaller parking area, you will never bump it into the wall or other car.

Apart from these points, here are a few other comfort options this car posses to add value and class to your journey.

  • Black leather seats
  • Leather-like edges
  • Folding rear bench seat
  • 510-liter boot
  • Bottle and cup holders
  • Dashboard storage
  • Door storages
  • New additional storages
  • Front arm set integrated into the driving seat

2. High-end technology:

Renault Symbol has captured the market considerably, and people are more inclined towards renting or purchasing this model. DO you know why? Its high-end embedded technology, safety, and comfort are many prominent reasons. Talking of technology, here are a few headings that will clarify things further. These are:

i) Automatic air conditioning:

Riders can adjust the desired temperature inside the car using the automatic air conditioning of this model. No matter if it’s too hot outside, once you get in this elegant car, you will forget about the temperature.

ii) Media Nav 2.0:

Have you ever seen bird view navigation in a car? If not, let Renault Symbol be the first one to show you this fantastic technology. The media Nav 2.0 comes with a new graphic interface and a 7 inches touchscreen with 2D and 3D navigation.

iii) Trip computer:

Do you worry about the trip settings all the time? Let the trip computer help you! It can help you with the estimated range, consumption, distance covered, average speed, and maintenance schedule. The computer contains all that you can think of during your long drive.

iv) Rearview camera:

The embedded rearview camera in this model can help you reverse your car without a single bump. Don’t you think these features can add value to your ride? If yes, why not rent this one out for your next ride? Consider contacting car rental Dubai no deposit companies today!

3. Safety features:

Everyone craves a safe ride, and this model can help you have it. The enhanced safety features in Renault Symbol will never let anything unpleasant happen to you during your drive. You are all secure in this model, from airbags to sensors and cameras. Following are a few security features you can enjoy in this car.

  • Rear parking sensors
  • Cruise-control speed limiter
  • Airbags
  • Isofix system
  • ABS
  • Emergency braking system
  • ESP

Take an economy car for a spin!

Renting an economy car for a ride with your loved ones is fun and easier on budget. Consider contacting reliable car rental companies and take your favorite model for a ride to cruise through the city in the ultimate style!

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