Why the CHT2 8-Head Machine Was A GAME-CHANGER for SE Shirts And Hoodies

Use Embroidery Hoop

It all started with a vinyl cutter

Three years past, Shawn Espinoza was operating as AN operator for AN oil casing company. Defrayment long punishing hours within the cold of the winter. But, as brutal as those Colorado winters were. He ultimately owes his success as a custom attire business owner to them…

It was in those frigid temperatures that Shawn had the concept to begin printing custom hoodies.

Using a easy, amateur vinyl cutter, just like Ricoma’s RCP-6301 Model. Shawn ought to work fulfilling orders. beginning along with his coworkers. One order was 2 and before he knew it, SE Shirts and Hoodies was born.

Expanding his business

It wasn’t long before Shawn would “trade in” his fiducial vinyl cutter for AN MT-1501 business embroidery machine. He aforesaid it had been the machine’s ability to embroider each the front and facet of caps in barely one run that actually oversubscribed him thereon.

With it, he was ready to expand his tiny vinyl business to incorporate embroidery.

Sooner instead of later, boxes, every containing dozens of caps, started accumulating in each area of Shawn’s tiny, one-bedroom living accommodations.

Most of these boxes belonged to one order of two,900 custom decorated caps, that remains to be Shawn’s largest order up to now. One that he aforesaid the MT-1501 handled with ease.

Needless to mention, his 15-needle single-head machine served him well and also know how to use embroidery hoop.

So well, in fact, that he was ready to pay off the machine at intervals the primary month of owning it.

But, as reliable because it was, his business was growing at AN forbidding rate and he was forced to source orders to stay up with demand.

“Outsourcing extremely isn’t an honest business model as a result of you’re addicted to people,” he said.

It was at that point that Shawn came to the belief that he would wish to upgrade.

Bring on the large guns…

After exploring totally different choices, Shawn found Ricoma’s CHT2 series, that is accessible from four to twelve heads. Having learned from his previous investment, he wished his next machine to be one that he might grow into instead of outgrow in an exceedingly year’s time.

So, logically, he went with the CHT2 8-head wide, that equally to the MT-1501, is capable of the 270° wide angle cap rotation.

But there was a lot of to his call than that.

Ultimately, it diminished to cash.

“Time is cash,” he said. “The faster and a lot of economical you get the duty done, the extra money you’re planning to build.”

Now, with eight heads, Shawn will complete orders in an exceedingly fraction of the time. That it might take along with his MT-1501.

It additionally frees up a number of his time in order that he will tend. To different aspects of the business, like accounting and client relations.

In fact, he aforesaid the latter is what actually separates his company from the remainder. Giving SE Shirts and Hoodies a bonus over larger firms.

“If you decision my phone, I’m planning to decision you by your 1st name…it’s building relationships that has gotten Maine this way.”

That’s one thing that SE Shirts and Hoodies and Ricoma have in common and also check out online custom digitizing.

Customer service in particular else

Shawn couldn’t say enough regarding Ricoma’s coaching academy and client service.

Referring back to once he 1st purchased his MT-1501. He expressed that his account executive was genuinely inquisitive about his desires. And to find the proper machine for him, instead of simply merchandising a product. He received that very same attention once upgrading to his CHT2 8-head.

But, what extremely set Ricoma except the competition was its fantastic technical support.

“Not each company within the garment industry has that sort of technical school support,” Shawn aforesaid. “If you’ll be able to decision and acquire somebody on the phone at intervals. 5 or ten minutes, that’s a fairly smart company.”

As a multi-head user, Shawn was additionally privileged to a two-day, in-person coaching.

Over the course of 2 days, he learned everything he required to understand. Regarding the CHT2 series machine, together with tutorial coaching. Panel operation, troubleshooting and maintenance.

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